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Difference Between School & College Life, Which One is Better?


Well, which one is better college life or school life? The perfect answer depends on the individual, family environment, school and college you are in or been to. For this article, we will try to cover all such points and then you decide which one is better.

School Life

Let’s talk about school life first and then we will compare it with college life.

Studies, Teachers & Uniform

School life is India can be awesome or tiring. How? If you love to study, then you get time to play with friends and all. But if you don’t like study too much then you end up spending too much time worrying and completing homework, workbooks, and assignments. Some schools are damn tough, there you will find dreadful principals and teachers. I don’t understand what is wrong with Mathematics teachers, most of the teachers who teach mathematics are strict and demand discipline. In such cases school life becomes difficult.

Well, having the same uniform for all school year sucks. We used to get Wednesday for other clothes but still no fancy stuff. But this was good for parents as they need to clean and manage only a couple of uniforms.


Once you complete a day in the school, you still need to go tuitions. We as Indian society very serious about the importance of education. Our parent thinks more we are with the books more marks we will get. SSC marks or 12th marks are matter of pride (sometimes ego) for parents, therefore, they put you in different tuitions and classes to get more marks. Nowadays even 90+ percentages are like peanuts.


Younger school kids are stuffed in a rickshaw and minivans for school. How can one enjoy that? But the cost of education is so demanding these days that parent force to that. Parents are so busy in their professional life that they cannot find time to pick you up from school. Plus, it is not safer for school kids to travel alone. In rural India, some of the students still need to walk for 3 to 5 kilometres to reach school and walk back same distance to reach home. How will they enjoy their school life in such situations?


So many bad news of school children harassment comes up in the news these days. Kids even get harassed at home by relatives or people their parents know. This is a bigger issue we will cover it in a separate article.


In India, kids are still in total control of their parents. Good or bad that other point of discussion. But generally, school kids don’t have a choice on their own. The parent decides their future career path; all that kids can do is to follow parents.

Todays’ School Kids

On other hand kids who are in higher schools no more play outdoor games. They are with their phone all the time. Taking selfies and posting it on Facebook and Instagram, chatting with friends over WhatsApp. Today’s kids have lesser social / face to face interaction than 90’s kids. I am not saying technology is bad, one can use it for study, science projects and all. They can use YouTube to learn more about their hobbies like learning guitar or new hip hop trick. But unknowingly they are falling for social anxiety and they even don’t know it. Read out another article on “Social Anxiety and FOMO“.

You can have a different opinion on above points and that’s accepted; because people, circumstances are not same everywhere.

College Life

Now let’s compare college life with school life.

Studies, Teachers & Uniform

Well, again this depends on case to case. But most of the time early college days are little relaxed compared to school. The 11th class is the year of the excitement. You are free to wear casual clothes, but still, in Indian colleges you cannot wear too much of trendy and fancy stuff. I was even called to principle office for wearing my favourite leather jacket in college, can you imagine that? Sometimes teachers are little relaxed and easy with college students but still most of the principals and deans are like “Virus” only.


Tuitions are still there; you still need to score in 12th. All that game starts again for 12th and entrance exams. But after that, no one cares about extra tuition and all until and unless you are damn serious about your future career.


Finally, you are now allowed to travel on own or with classmates for college. You may get Activa or Bike. (a lot of underage kids do use bikes, that is dangerous but harsh reality). Rich kids flaunt with sports bike and make others jealous. Damn!!


You go through various life experience in college life and that make you kinda ready to handle real life situations. So, overall college can be safer if your seniors still don’t believe in ragging and bullying.


You get more freedom when you are college. If you stay at the hostel then you are the king. Whether to attend a lecture or not is in your hands.

Todays’ College Generation

The way we said it for school kids, a lot of college going teenagers spend heck a lot of time on playing video games, Facebook, YouTube and all. Some spend a lot of time watching Game of throne, The Big Band Theory and YouTube Channel like TVF, AIB, CarryMinati, BB Ki Vines and all. Well, I am not saying it’s totally wrong or something but overdose of anything turns out bad only, isn’t it?

School Life Vs College Life. Who Wins?

So, we saw these basic differences between school life and college life. What your opinion? Only you can answer it from your own experience. Let us know in comments which one is better for you? School life or College life?

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