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Difference Between Acquaintance,Friend, and Best Friend

Difference Between Acquaintance,Friend, and Best Friend bff buddy

Let us imagine a scenario, just a month back you finished your college and now you are at your home. Today morning you got an interview call from a desired company and interview in the set for tomorrow afternoon. You don’t have a place to stay in that city where the interview is set.

We will see how you approach an acquaintance, friend, and a best friend in this scenario. We will also see how they react and behave in return.


Is someone who is little familiar with you. You know each other from a common friend or relative etc. You might have spoken in past for some time. You don’t share your secrets with them and vice versa. Most of your Facebook or LinkedIn friends falls in this category. You wish them for birthdays and special occasions on social media only. You will not bother to call them for same.

Difference Between Acquaintance,Friend, and Best Friend

Scenario: In our scenario, acquaintance will be last option to go for. If no other option available, then you call them for help. They will let you stay at their home or room, they will treat you good like a guest. In reality, they may not like you request of help but they still help for the sake of courtesy.


Is someone you share a good rapport with, you know each other for a long time. You guys get along, have parties and trips, know each other’s BF/GF. Friend will be there if you ask for a favour (borrowing little money). You wish each other on almost each festival and special occasion. Instead of social media wishes, you will call them. Your friends can complain about little time you give to them. You will find most of your college level friends in this category. You will find your best memories with them on FB or Instagram.

difference between acquaintance friend best friends

Beach Party with Friends

Scenario: This is a second best option; you just inform a friend that you are coming to their home or hostel. They will welcome, you will not feel alienated there. They will take you out for food and pay for same. They do it for the sake of friendship but somewhere they expect same back from you if the reverse situation comes up.

Best Friend

Is someone who you know will be there for you no matter what. It is very difficult to have such friends if you got one then don’t lose them for stupid reasons. At the max, one can have 3 to 4 BESTEST friends. They don’t demand you to meet them regularly, they understand that everyone has own responsibilities and priorities, they don’t mind it. When you have a problem, just call them. Before you telling them anything they will ask ‘Hey buddy, is there any kinda problem’. You share some undefinable bond with them.

A friend is someone who will console you on your breakup but best friend stays with you in your “Devdas Period“. He knows all your stories; he is the one who carry half dead drunken body of yours. He might end up paying your Devdas Liquor Expenditure.

difference between acquaintance friend best friends

Best friends are like Chunni Babu 😉

Most of the time, your school time buddies are your best friends. Best moments with your best friends will not be on social media or something, you just treasure them in heart.

Scenario: You just bang their door without letting them know that you are coming. You just don’t feel it is necessary to inform them. When you reach there the first thing they will discuss with you is where to have a party. What to do best friends are like that.

If you have best friends in your life, call ’em up, say hello. They are a treasure for life.

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