How to Detect Hidden Camera in Hotel, Trial Rooms– Must Read Girls

How to detect hidden camera in trial room hotel room

You keep hearing news about the hidden camera scam and MMS scandals very frequently these days. Now technology is so advance that one can get such a small pinhole hidden camera for Rs.1000 only. Any ill minded person can buy it online and use it for malicious purpose. They are most likely to upload these hidden recorded videos to porn websites and earn from it. Yes, it is true that some of these sites pay uploader for such videos. Or they can use it to blackmail you guys. So, girls don’t fall prey for these ill minded people. Use these tips and stay informed & alert. If you know more about this then share it comment box, so that other girls will be more informed.

Girls, this is very important. Please spend 10 minutes of your valuable time for this.

Before going further let us show you how these hidden cameras look like. These cameras are so small that it can be fitted in hooks, bulbs, pen, socket, shirt button, key chains, watches, USB drives, lamps, goggles, charging adapters, wall clocks, smoke detectors, shoes, teddy, dolls and the list goes on. If you know more, please share it in comments.

Types of Hidden Cameras

Types of Hidden Cameras

How to Locate Hidden Camera Using Anti-Spy Signal (RF, Wi-Fi, Laser) Detectors

As of today, these anti spy detectors are the best solution available to the general public like us. It is true that it may not give 100% results but at least better to have some protection than nothing. You must know that there is no such product, app, device available which can detect any possible hidden camera in all scenarios with 100% of accuracy. So, this one the best for normal daily usage.

Here are few examples of such hidden camera Detector, these are Affiliate Image links. If you like to buy one, then click on the image.

Let us take a minute and get an idea how these detector devices work. Normally these hidden cameras emit radio frequency or some sort of wireless signals. These anti-spy devices use these signals to detect them. We will not get in too much of technical details for now. These devices may also use other methods of identifying hidden video cameras, they burst BRIGHT LED lights toward suspected area. Hidden camera lens then can return the light and can get detected. But this method is also not full proof, you may need to try from various angles and short distance. Still, 100% results cannot be guaranteed. But such devices can be second best option. Some of these devices give you audio signal when you go close to them with the detector and can have LED showing that on the device.

Problem with Anti-Spy Detectors

  1. Wi-Fi based detector detects almost all Wi-Fi signal, which is pretty common these days. So it is difficult to differentiate hidden camera signals from another internet Wi-Fi Signals.
  2. Infrared based detectors may detect IR signals from bugs and animals like rats etc. They also catch remote control signal etc.
  3. The laser-based detector may be little good in this situation.

Using Smart Phone

There are various apps like android and iOS apps available which work on same technology we just discussed at an earlier point. These apps use flash light of your smartphone to find the hidden camera.

This method, however, doubtful in the case of 2-way mirrors as the mirror will reflect the LED light or flashlight ray itself.

Find Hidden Camera with Manual Inspection

Nevertheless, being alert is the most important. You should be vigilant when you access trial rooms in a shopping mall, bathroom, bedrooms in the hotel. These are the most unsecured places for this kind of malicious activities. One can even install hidden cameras in lifts, cyber cafes or even in office bathroom etc.

When you enter there, look for misplaced wires. Nowadays most of the cameras are wireless and very small. In this situation look for some places like fan, lamp, wall clock, sockets, hooks, bulbs, alarm clock, flower pots and all. These are pinpoint cameras, very difficult to spot but one who installs it may not be smarter than you. He might have left some signs of installing it.

Another most important scenario is 2-way mirrors. With this 2-way mirror, one can see through the back side of it or put hidden recording camera behind it. In this case, you should do “Fingernail Test“. Touch mirror with your fingernail tip, if there is a gap between the fingernail and its reflection then it’s normal mirror. If your fingernail tip touches to its reflection, then it is a 2-way mirror.

How to Detect Hidden Camera in Hotel, Trial Rooms– Must Read Girls

Fingernail Test,

If you find the mirror at a questionable place in hotel or bathroom, then try to look for the camera.

How to find Laptop’s Hidden Recording

Well, this might not happen in public place. One can record video from laptop webcam, worst things are that if it is connected to the Internet then live recording can be broadcasted on the internet (Live Video Streaming Websites). One will say we can easily find blinking light near web camera on the laptop. But someone can easily stick tape on it or with some software they can disable the recording light.

This scenario might happen when you are with your boyfriend sharing a private moment. If your boyfriend is ill-minded, then he might record it without your consent. No girls should allow her boyfriend to record their private moments in camera. The Same video later can be used to blackmail you. Most of the MMS scandals happened this way only. You may trust your boyfriend but any other person / friends who can access that laptop / phone may misuse it. So, it’s better to say NO, a big NO to shooting private intimate moments.

How to Jam or Disable Hidden Video Cameras

When we are not able to find a hidden camera, what if we are able to jam or temporarily disable the cameras; like shown in Hollywood movies? But sadly, such devices are not available for general usage. And even if they come out they will be way costlier. You can find audio signal jammers or mobile signal jammer very easily for video cameras it’s no easy.

What to Do When You Find the Hidden Camera

By using any method, you find the hidden camera or you suspect one. The first thing you need to do is call local police. Do not tell it to staff, most probably one of them must have done it. They might take the camera out and then you don’t have proof, plus they may harm you if they have doubt that they can be caught. Even hotel or mall management can convince or pressurize you no to file a complaint about it. That is why the first thing you need to do is tell someone who accompanies you and then calls local police. Try to record the whole incident on your smartphone, so that you can use it as proof later.

If you don’t know, there is a technical word for this, it called ‘Voyeurism‘ – is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature. Under section 354C of Indian Penal Code, accused can get 3 to 7 years of imprisonment. Click on link to know more about Voyeurism

Note: Some people even use listening devices to record audios, these are more difficult to detect as they don’t have camera lens.

The World is full of ill-minded people, it is better to be vigilant and alert. Have a safe life, girls!

If you find this information worth of sharing, please share I will your friends. Together we can defeat these ill minded people.

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