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Design Website for College Fest for Free– Just Drag & Drop

Design Website for College Fest tech Festival

So, you are given the task to create a website for your college fest and you are looking for best, simple and free (or low budget) option for website creation. Then you are at right place. Here we have created a live sample college fest website for you guys. Having a website for college fest is must nowadays, that show your efforts and technical advancement. Even sponsor get impressed if you have awesome looking website dedicated for your college fest. On another hand, it also impresses participants. The website can be your central location to manage online event registration or to put sponsorship proposal. You can run social media campaign from the website. Having a dedicated website helps to promote college fest.

In this example, we have created a FREE website (without the qualified domain name). A complete website creation process plus event management process elaborated for you guys. If you are willing to put some money, then you can have an advanced website with more features and control. But for advanced options you need to have good PHP and HTML skill. Sometimes even hiring a freelancer to design college festivals website costs like 50,000 INR or something. Some may give it for less but then you might compromise on quality, look and feel.

The best design is the one which is minimal, simple yet serves all purpose of having one. You can create WordPress website too but then you need a WordPress expert to do that. So, keeping in mind that you might be a non-tech guy we designed this guide accordingly. With this method even non-computer / IT guy can create a stunning website.

We have used Wix Website builder for this guide, with Wix you can create an awesome website with just drag and drop. Plus, they have a good list of templates designed especially for events, meetups and college festivals. Because of these readymade templates, your 80% work is already done. These website templates are responsive too, that mean you don’t need to do any programming to make awesome for smartphone screens. It’s all taken care. So, without further ado let’s start.

Design Website for College Fest tech Festival

College Fest Website Creation Procedure

1. Visit and click “Start Now” button

2. Sign up with any email account, you can also choose Gmail or Facebook Authentication. After email verification login to Wix account.

3. Click on “Create Your Website” button.

4. Choose “Events” template

5. Choose the Template as per your needs, you can customize it later. For this example, I am using “Meetup Event” Template. Hover over the template and click “View” button. You can directly start editing template there itself by clicking “Edit” button.

6. Now, “Wix Website Editor” will open up in a new tab. It may take a minute or so to load, be patient.

Here you can add pages, change background images, add pages, blogs, social sharing button, event registration forms.

Here we have changed the background image, a lot of HD images available in editor only, you can also upload your images too. Then I changed the Event Name to “ABC FEST 2016“, added subtext “Tech Fest | Cultural Event“. Save the page.

7. Add Venue and Timing details

8. Add more information about major events from the fest below venue section. Do not clutter this area, keep it short and crisp.

9. Now scroll down and make changes to “Wix Events

Click on “Setting” button to design your event

Add start and end time for the event, choose time zone and then add a location. Google map will be shown accordingly.

Now add general options to like a number of guest allowed and other settings.

Now this is awesome, you can create an Invitation within Wix Event only. But first, you need to publish the website. You can choose the template for the invitation and then customize it. Once the invitation design is ready you can share it on Facebook and Twitter.

One more great feature is you can create a guest list here and send an online invitation on email. You can import a guest list from excel and then you can send online invitations from the website only.

11. After that add schedule for major events like in “Schedule section”, you can create a separate page for a detailed timeline of the event. You can even add a blog to college fest website with few clicks. You can add a gallery section on the homepage too.

So, I think these are good enough options for a college festival website. Once you are OK with design and details, then “Publish” the website. It will ask you the name of the website, I have added “abcfest“. After publishing a website, it is live to see and use.

You can’t use the qualified domain name with free website builder account, for that you need to buy a domain name. You have 2 options either you can use domain name bought from other vendors like GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator etc. or buy one from Wix only.

12. Click on “Site” option and click “Connect Domain” button.

If you already have a domain name, then click the second option. Add domain name there. For both option you need to upgrade your Wix Account, here are the plans. You can choose the last one which cost only 122 INR / Month.

Please note that you need to have an annual subscription that means it will cost 1464 INR in total. And again you need to buy a domain name. which will not cost too much Say approximately 1000 INR for a year.

So, to have a good website with the domain name you need to spend at least 2500 INR. But I think it is worth as you are not spending money on website developer, you a nontech guy can easily develop it.

Here is the link for the sample college fest website I created for you guys. Have a look and tell me how you like it. If you like to know more about this then ask me questions in a comment, I will try to update same on the sample website.

If this guide helped you in any way, then let us know. We at Dejavuh try hard to make a life little better for Indian College going teenagers.

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