Cyber Stalking Story of an Indian Teenager Girl

Cyber Stalking Story of a Indian Teenager Girl

Tina was sitting in her room, silently watching outside the window. She was engrossed in her own thoughts. She liked to spend time like this with herself. But the only difference was she didn’t look happy. She was not smiling anymore. She had turned into a silent, lonely introvert girl. Her mom was observing.

She was not herself anymore. She could not see that chirpy, laughing Tina since a couple of days. There was surely something troubling her. “Why would she not tell me?”, her mother thought. “Tina, it’s time for your tuition, you not ready yet?” Her mom asked. Tina did not hear, she was lost in her own world. “Tina… Tina…”, her mom shook her. She got scared first, then saw it was her mom.


What’s the matter, honey? What is causing you this? Tina looked into her eyes, stared deeply. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She hugged her mom tight. Cried, cried, cried her heart out. “What’s the matter? What in the world is taking away your smile?” Tina spoke hesitantly, “Mom, somebody…somebody is sending me dirty emails”. Not just emails, even dirty pictures, and videos. Sometimes even doing a dirty photoshop of my own pictures. And threatens to share it over WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. That is not me, mom. He is making me look like a sex worker. And says will share my phone number with it if I don’t go to meet him alone.” I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to meet him, I don’t want to meet anybody. I just want to stay home.”

She was sobbing again, rubbing her watery eyes. Why is he doing this to me? I did no harm to anyone. I don’t want to see my nude pictures floating around the internet”. Her mother held her face in her hands. “Nobody will do that to you, dear. I promise”. Just give me all the details, all the emails, phone numbers, WhatsApp chats everything that he has used to stalk you. We will see to it that this person is punished and does not trouble my daughter or for that matter anybody’s daughter again.

Listen, dear, Cybercrime is increasing day by day and if you sit like this and draw yourself into a shell fearing these idiots, it will only make them more strong. They know these teenagers are exposed too much to social media, they can easily get access to their pictures and harass them. What they also know is that they are very weak to face stalking. Some kids don’t even approach their parents because they think they will not understand. But honey, if your parents won’t understand then who else will. They know what is best for your safety. What if they shout at you for a mistake you committed, for being too much into social media, for giving up too much of your information exposed to strangers? At the end, they are the ones who will save you from evil. So, the least you could do is take your parents into confidence and let them know what’s happening.

Now, just be assured that your worries are taken care of by us and you are free to live again. I am glad you talked this to me. Dear, these online stalkers are biggest cowards, they hide their identity because they are scared. And you don’t be afraid of such goons. There are special police help lines for women and children, they are so approachable. We have the best Cybercrime cells. Such criminals are caught in no time.

And dare you go meet such scoundrels alone. By no way, you will fulfill their demand. If you give into their demands, the only thing that will happen is, they will ask for more. Which would be more torturing and depressing. Such situations draw teenagers towards suicide. And all this for nothing, just one step could save them. Speak up. Be bold, face it. Approach your parents or Police helplines. Stop these ugly pigs from taking your life away from you. And that you now know how this world could be, stop accepting friend requests from unknown people. Make your data and pictures visible to only friends and not to the public.

Do not give away information about every move of yours like, going for a picnic to X place, going shopping to Y mall, going to Z college. You don’t have to share every step of yours on social media.


And even if any of your friends is in a situation, guide her to take the right steps. Ask her to talk to her parents or guardians before making any decision under stress. I am always with you dear, no matter what the situation be. Trust me, trust your Dad. Nobody loves you like we do. Now let me see some smile coming back on your cute face 🙂

Note: This is a fictional story written to explain cyber stalking to our young generation.

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