Curious Case of Ad hoc Lecturers

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Let me clarify on this, this isn’t about all those passionate teachers who actually love teaching. They are rare, but still disclaimer to banata hai. So, then who are these ad-hoc lecturers we are talking about. These are one of its kind who just passed the degree and expects students to believe that they are the subject experts. Let’s explore the curious case of this species.

First day of Class

Believe me, I have seen this on own. An ad-hoc lecturer who just passed his / her degree and cracked the gruesome university panel interview (pun intended) is entering in class with shivering knees. He must have scared the hell out of himself. He was nervous as it was his first ever lecture and guys who he is going to address are just 1 or 2 years younger than him. Sometimes they can find their dropped out classmates in class too. They somehow kill the 45 minute with a class introduction.


Now they make their notes for next day class and teach everything from notes only. Now those notes become the bible for the subject. Even if you have written a correct answer but it is out of notes then expect 1 mark out of 4. And if you are good at RATTA then you may get 3.5 out of 4. In class, they will expect students to write down all of the points from notes and frontbenchers bear this prestigious responsibility. And if you are lucky enough just before 2 days of the exam you get a master copy their own notes and then you need to take photocopies of it. Again kudos to frontbenchers to get that master copy of notes.

After exam confidence

Once they identify their power of checking exam paper then they get unfathomable confidence. Now they are a new version of themselves. Now they don‘t afraid to face class. In very first exam they will give comparatively fewer marks to everyone so that all you mischievous students should take them seriously. Now they enter in class with a veteran teacher like swag.

Same things happen over and over again till your final exam. Next year you get new ad hoc lecturer to face and they get a fresh batch of prey.

Have you guys experienced this? How was your experience with ad-hoc lecturers?

P.S: Teaching is still not a “sexy” job in India but we hope our next generation in making will get best of the teachers. Those already doing it we salute them.

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