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13 Cult Friendship Day Songs You Gotta Listen This Friendship Day – ft. Sutta Na Mila ;)

Celebrate your friendship day with these truly awesome songs. Just listen to all of ’em and it will make your day for sure.

1. Sutta Na Mila

Lemme start with a disclaimer. There is little profanity and smoking in the song, take your own risk. (Alcohol and Smoking are injurious to health). With that logic, college life is injurious to health. (pun intended) 😉

Well, If you don’t know this LEGENDARY song then you are missing something in college life, dude. You gotta catch up buddy. Just give a listen to the song.

2. Yaaro Dosti

The Friendship Anthem isn’t it?. Any college concert or festival is incomplete without this song. The words and soothing voice of KK take you somewhere else.

3. Dil Chahata Hai

Not a just song but the whole movies is made for us only. Everyone wish to have such friends and such incredible bond. I am lucky enough to have such awesome buddies in my life. What about you?

4. Jaane Nahi Denge Tuze

After Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir took friendship story to next level. The whole movie is fun and eye opening. But this song melted our heart out. The way these bastards (best) friends takes care of you, it’s just awesome. Do you remember those friends who carried you in a rickshaw when you had an accident?

5. Purani Jeans

Purani Jeans Aur Guitar… Mohalle ki Woh Chhat, Aur Mere Yaar. <3

Ali Haider, a Pakistani singer truly blurred the national boundary with cult friendship day song. Just give a listen, guys, it sounds as fresh as it was in 90’s. Ask your big brother, he will feel nostalgic for sure.

6. Manja

Kai Po Che, another modern day friendship story. What an awesome movie guys. You must watch this movie and this song is just beyond the word. It’s not just another friendship day; if you feel down just listen to the song. It’s such an inspirational song.

7. Summer of ’69 – Manipal University Theme Song

Those were the best days of my life. Original song from one and only Bryan Adams.

Manipal University students added friendship and college love touch to it. Watch video.

8. College Days – from Gaurav

Nothing to say, just listen to the song once.

I am really gonna miss this place
I am gonna miss my college days

yaad hai woh saare lectures
humne jo bunk kiye the
proxy kaa pakda jaana
ho lafde kya kam kiye the

milke likhna woh journal
or submission last minut par
exams ki woh taiyaari
ho likna woh 3 ghante
or bahar aake woh kehna
saala kya bekar paper set kiya tha yaar


There are some awesome ads which used friendship theme and created awesome songs for friendship.

9. Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

This song from AirTel Networks took the youth by storm and became an instant hit. I still remember lots of friends had this song as their caller tune.

10. Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai

One more song from AirTel became the instant hit, which is Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera Hai.

11. Yeh Number One Yaari Hai

This single track from Mohit Chauhan redefined our friendship goals. Though it’s liquor ad in disguise, but no doubt song in awesome. Isn’t it?

Other modern day contemporary songs you can add to your friendship day playlist.

12. Jaane Kyu Dil Jaanta Hai

13. Daaru Desi

Hear out these songs and cherish those memories with your friends and go make some memories.

Happy Friendship Day, Amigos. 🙂

Share this playlist with your buddies, and let them know how much they mean to you.


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