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8 Stunning College Fest Website Themes & Templates – Free, Premium

Themes Templates for college tech fest
Mesh Festivals

In our last article, we learned how to create a college fest website for free (or with minimal budget). We created a live sample website with Wix website builder. Wix is one of easiest option to build an awesome website, there are some other players too. You can create an advanced college fest website with WordPress or Joomla etc. GoDaddy website builder is also good. Whichever option you choose you need to have visually stunning template which looks impressive. As you dealing with college youth you should have trendy, visually impressive design. Plus, this template or theme should be responsive, that means it should look good on smaller screens too.

Premium WordPress, Joomla Themes & Templates

So, we have compiled the list of college fest website templates for you. Some of them are free to download and some are paid options. You can download them for free but you need to buy it to get all options.

1. Conference Pro – $79

Themes for College Fest Website

Conference Pro / Evanto Market

2.Mesh Festival – $59

Template for college tech fest

3. Mesh Festival Dark – $59


4. MIEvent


5. Musika – For Joomla – $48

Themes for College Festival websites

6. Sonic Music WordPress Theme


This theme if for music band and convert but it can be modified as college festival website

Free Themes and Templates for College Fest Website

There a lot of free themes you can get over the internet but I have chosen only best ones I found. There are few more awesome HTML5 templates for events on Wix. You don’t need to download it, all can be done online on Wix.

7. Scale It Up – Free from Wix – HTML5 Templates

8. Prince Caspian – Free HTML 5 Theme from Wix

college website themes templates India

How to Choose Perfect Website Template

See, it is quite easy to find awesome themes over the internet. You just need to have a good researching skill. But looks are not the only thing, you need to consider following things while choosing the perfect template for your college festival.

  1. Responsive – Make sure that your website theme or template is responsive means it should arrange according to mobile or tablet screen size. Make sure it is inbuilt in theme or else it takes a lot of programming to do it. Then you might need to hire a website developer.
  2. Free / Freemium – You might choose free templates due budget restriction but generally free themes are not so good. They don’t look that trendy and professional. In another case, freemium themes are those give you full theme with some limitation. And to add advanced facilities you need to pay and upgrade it to the premium version.
  3. Try to have a light theme, means no heavy animations, Ajax, Jquery. Use only those things which are absolutely necessary.


  1. Do not use copyrighted content, images without written consent from creators.
  2. When you save images as png they generally have a big size and bigger images take more time to load on the website.

We have created a sample college fest website, which is responsive and integrated with online registration, invitation and guest list. We have used theme number 7 for the website. In the guide we explain full procedure – “How to create college fest website”. Even a non-tech guy can make a website by following this guide.

Let us know if this helped you in any way. Have a rocking festivals season… guys…

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