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Celebrating Friendship Day Differently

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A good friend will help you up when you fall. A best friend will laugh so hard they fall down too.

So the first Sunday of August is known as the friendship day in our colleges. So, What’s the plan? How you are going to celebrate friendship day. A few days from now all your WhatsApp groups will be flooded with those “Friendship Shayari” and long copy- pasted messages. Some “Legends” will make a broadcast list and send the same message to almost hundreds of his contacts. Are you going to do same? Or you have something else on mind?


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When I was in college we used to celebrate the friendship day by writing our name on friend’s hand or t-shirts, tying the wristbands with something written on them such as “Best Friends”, “Friends Forever” and blah blah blah… Nowadays a bunch of besties goes to trip together or some celebrate friendship day with cakes and chocolates etc. Yes, we should all those stuff but we should not miss following things too.


Don’t Celebrate for Social Media

Yes, we should capture all those awesome moments of celebration in photos and videos but don’t make photos the sole purpose of celebration. Friendship day is a day to celebrate the friendship, isn’t it? So focus on spending time with besties, photos are second priority. Photos will be there on social media but memories will be your heart. Which one is good?

Talk with Your Old Friends

Sometimes we don’t realize but we get so busy in our lives that we forget to talk with those friends with whom learn how to ride the bike, with whom you shared the bench in school and with whom you got punished in class. You might get everything in your life, but true friends are difficult to find. Call them, meet them at your old spot where you used to spend hours. Let them know that you haven’t forgotten them.

I remember these few lines from Westlife’s “Season In The Sun” song

Goodbye to you, my trusted friend

We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten

Together we’ve climbed hills and trees

Learned of love and ABC’s

Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

Clear Misunderstanding and Doubts

make up with old friends on friendship day

Many friendships are broken because of some stupid reasons. Is it OK to let your friendship die just because your ego doesn’t allow you to apologize? Meet your friend. Clear all misunderstandings and doubts. Meet face to face because the technology cannot pass all your emotions across the mobile screen. Reinitiate that broken friendship.

Bond Up with Your Close Friends

party with friends

There are some bastards among your friends who are close to your heart. Yes, your Gang. These are the people you hang out with, spend hours in the canteen, bunk classes, party, go on trips and spend most of your time. So this is the time to make them feel special. Make a plan. Go somewhere. Rewind your memories.

Break The Ice with Your Crush

There’s always that cute girl in your college with whom you want to talk but you couldn’t gather the courage to do so. Then, this friendship day is the best time for that. Initiative your friendship with her. Ask her if you can be friends. But sooner let her know that you don’t just want friendship or else you can be a victim of friendzone. Read our article on “Friendzoned Forever

Give Unique and Thoughtful Gifts

Remember one thing, the best gift is not which is expensive and fancy. The best gift is the one which shows how much care and efforts you have put into it. Find out what they like and adore.

You can give them the merchandise (Key-Chains, posters and all) of their favorite TV series, celebrity, Music Band or cartoon character. I have found few perfect gifts for your Go, FRIENDS, and Linkin Park fanatic friend. Check them out.

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Different Friends


Friendship is beyond the limits of age, gender, money and place. If your parents are friendly enough, then spend some time with them on friendship day or leave them a simple text wishing them happy friendship day. A small kid who looks up to you as inspiration is also your friend. You can give him a chocolate. Sometimes(rarely) you find a good friend in your teacher, wish them too.

Don’t Wait for Friendship Day

Every day is a great day to tell your friends that they mean a lot to you. True friends are real assets for life, you can’t buy them, you gotta earn them. If you got some then don’t lose them.

Let us know in comments how you spent your friendship day. If this article helped you in any way, then we would like to know it from you. J

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