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Cat, as we listen to this word we get an image in front of our eyes of an animal which has 4 legs, 1 tail, 2 eyes n etc. But if a person can think one step ahead of this then can understand that there are many characteristics of a cat which can help human in various ways.  The cat is the favourite animal of pet lovers most of the time. It is most cute and sweet animal which can be the best friend of us. This article will help you to write a better speech and essay on the topic of cats. We are giving you the core information. You can modify it as per your needs.

Beginning of the Speech

Hello everyone, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends. Today I am going to talk about the favourite animal of the human beings, Cats.


Cats are categorized by their breeds having different personality traits. Talking about physical factors of the cat, they have big eyes which give them better eyesight. They have 6 times better vision at nights than humans. Cats are very sharp at the hearing, they are able to hear in 180 degrees around them. Cats can jump and climb anywhere easily as they use their claws for climbing which makes their grip strong. They have 250 bones in their body. Even though they are small in size these bones help them to bend in many structures and hence they can bend their tail and make vertical at times too. Also, their ability to jump on at higher places is because of these bones.

The cat is loving pet which gets familiar with a person after interaction of some minutes.  Playful is one of the characteristics of the cat which makes humans love them most. They can get playful very easily and get attracted towards moving things. E.g if a person is holding any stick and moves it here and there, the cat will concentrate on the stick and will try to hold it. We humans can also be playful at times like cats and this tells us that we should be active enough to enjoy the life. We should be more focused on things.

Cats are independent in their life. They do not take support or help of others to achieve their targets. People should be like cats to prepare themselves enough confident to handle things on their own. One can learn to be independent and reach their goals from cats. Like independent cats never give up easily, they stick to their goal and try getting the thing again and again until they get succeed. This is a very important feature of them which can help humans to be successful in life. Set your target, stick to it and try until you achieve it.

When threatened, cats take actions quickly to save themselves. The presence of mind is one of the characteristics of the cats which makes them smart enough to face any situation. This states that humans should not panic at any situation but should try to be conscious and present minded to handle it. Cats have the capability to remember things for 16 hours. The cat is said to be a sprinter and not distance runner i.e it chooses smart work to success than the hard work.

When a cat falls from anywhere it lands on its legs only. This is a very important feature which teaches us that even though we fail we should be able to take stand in life and never give up. While moving cats follow a single straight path and do not change its direction easily. We should do the same towards our goal or targets concentrating on it. We should be focused on our aim without getting diverted due to any kind of reason.

As discussed in this essay topic there are many qualities of cats which can be adapted to humans in real life. By being with them we feel fresh, enthusiastic and we play with them which makes us happy. Cats have physical as well as behavioural characteristics which inspire us.

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 Tips for the Essay on Cats

  1. Don’t mug up and write the essay.
  2. Read information about the topic, create a scenario in your mind and write in your own words.
  3. Follow some pattern while writing essay/paragraph.
  4. Initially, introduce your topic in brief and the context.
  5. Write the main concept and end with the conclusion.

Tips for Speech on cats

  1. Be loud and clear while speaking.
  2. Do not mug up the script, try speaking your own thoughts about the topic.
  3. Read about your topic first and write down the key points. Speak on those points by your heart.
  4. Build your confidence by speaking the speech in front of your parents, siblings or friends.
  5. Try improving your expressions and gestures by practising in front of the mirror.

Hope this article will guide you with the information and tips given for writing the essay in your school/college academics. We love to receive your opinions and suggestions so feel free to share them with us by writing in the comment section below. 🙂

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