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Blue Whale Challenge Game – Parents & Teenagers Guide

What is Blue Whale Game

If you are a teenager and want to know about this infamous Blue Whale Challenge Game, let me tell you straightaway, it not worth to try it. It is the game which provokes vulnerable teenagers to self-harm and to commit suicide. It tells its participants to draw a whale on your skin with blade and the last challenge is to jump from the building. This game is not even worthy of trying.

We have divided this article into three sections, first one is for teenagers and another one is for parents. It’s not about a game only, this Blue Whale Challenge is just an app, this is not the real problem. Here we want to discuss the REAL problem. We will also give all possible information about the Blue Whale Challenge in the last part. We request you to go through first two sections first.

Blue Whale Challenge – Guide For Teenagers

Don’t try to find and use this game app due to peer pressure or just because it is a fad. Don’t play with your life.

Our Society, parents treat teenagers either like child or adult, both cases are wrong. Teenagers are teenagers, they are no more a child but not a full grown adult too. Teenager years is a phase where a person goes through a lot of emotional, physiological and psychological changes. The front cortex of brain starts to build in this age, which is responsible for taking well though decision. All these changes can make a teenager rebellious, erratic which are common traits in western countries. In India, it is more serious, because of our family expectations and structure, teenagers not able to act or express as per their age. Their thoughts, feelings, urges get suppressed which makes them go into the shell, they disconnect from family and go along more with friends. These things worsen if a teenager gets in a bad company. Type of your friends, their habits and views influence you. A lot teenagers falling for drugs and alcohol too. Some do it just to keep up with friends circle.

Teenagers go through different types of problems. For parents or adults, these can be the small problems but for a teenager, those can be big issues. Bullying in school, ragging in college, peer pressure, new found sexual desires, break-ups, social anxiety, FOMO, sexual exploitation these are just a few problems teenagers go through. For adults, these might be small problems, but that’s exactly the PROBLEM is.

Teenagers complaint that their parents don’t get them, yes, this can be true. But do not use it as an excuse. If they don’t understand you then have you tried to explain it to them. Don’t make presumptions. They might get it, but first, they should know that you are having a problem. To have that possibility you need to speak with them. Each parent might react differently as per their beliefs, experiences etc, but you will get their reaction. Which might help you to try other solution. Most of the parents love their children if you are in a problem they might understand it and help you out.

If you talk with parents fails then you might try to get an advice from other people around you whom you trust. Do not tell your problem to the people who you don’t trust, they might take advantage of your situation.

If in any case, you have self-harm or suicidal thoughts you can talk to Suicide helpline (CALL 91-022-27546669,, India, Open 24 hours). (We will give links here, or such google it). No matter what, you should not play with your life. Problems can be real but they can be tackled, do not let other control and finish your life. All people get problems throughout their life, no matter how educated, rich or strong you are. Problems don’t just go away like that, you gotta fight ’em back. Problems are not strong as you, if you show up your desire and resolve to fight them back, they run away.

So, Guys… Trust me… Life is Beautiful.. if it is not one now, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t let Blue Whale game and such stupid things to take control of your life.

Blue Whale Game – Guide for Parents

If you are a parent and heard the horrific news of teenagers committing suicide because of this Blue Whale Challenge game, then please read this. We will tell you all about the game in the last section, but ask one question to yourself. Is this blue whale game is the REAL problem. Teenagers committing suicide just because of an app. Is it sounds rational?

No, it is just a game. Still, don’t let your child play it. Now let us try to discuss the real problem. It is easy to blame a game, media, technology for problems, blaming others is the easiest way to throw away your responsibility. Dont blame your children too, they didn’t come to you begging you to give them birth. You, for your family desires and satisfaction, choose to give them birth. It is a big responsibility. As children grow they will face different situations, problems and different ways to find happiness too. You as parents need to understand their problems, issues as per changing time and age.

Here in India, we either treat teenagers like an adult or a child. They are no more innocent like kids and not yet a mature adult. They are in a different phase where their physiological, psychological parameters are changing. In this phase, they might get irritated because of smaller things and they might get satisfaction from smaller things. As a parent, you need to understand this change and treat them like teenagers.

Teenage Depression is the real and growing problem. Your teenage boy or girl is not able to handle it on their own (they think so). They might feel afraid or ashamed to talk to you about their problems. In this case, you need to take initiative. If you love your children you got to know what their problem and help them to get it out from it. In this phase, they need more of a friend than just parents. Once they are adult hey can take their own decisions and fight with problems, but in this teenager phase, they might not welcome but they need your support.

Note: We will be coming up with more information on how to monitor your kid’s online activities, give us some time.

What is Blue Whale Game?

It is an online challenge or dare game app, created by 21 years old Russian. He is behind bars now. He accepted that he created blue whale game to provoke selected teenagers to commit suicide. As the creator of the game is jail this dangerous game is not in his control.

In blue whale game, they have 50 daily tasks or challenges which participants need to perform. Some task asks participants to draw a whale on hand with a blade, listen to specific songs, not to talk to anyone, stay alone, stand on the side of the bridge and at last asks them to jump off the building.

Blue Whale game is not available in main app stores like PlayStore and iTunes. It is spread across the world now within private groups or forums. It is not easy to find the game links. Instead of teenagers find the link, some admins choose vulnerable teens by scanning their social media profiles and online activity. Blue whale challenge is shared with different names like Suicide Squad etc, so once the apk or iOS installation file is downloaded and installed one might not see “Blue Whale” name under the icon. Creator of the game names it blue whale because of the suicidal tendencies of a real blue whale.

This game provoked 16 teenager girls from Russia to commit suicide later the game got infamous publicity across the world. Now a lot of countries have victims of this game. It is claimed that Blue whale games also provoked a new self-harm trend in China called “Human Embroidery”. Teenagers from China sew their skins with needles and thread. Some even sew their lips. These people even trying to make it fashionable by sewing themselves by having different colored threads, beads, ribbons, and designs.

Finally… Guys, Life is Beautiful. Problems will be there, fight them back. Dont let such stupid games take control of your or your kid’s life. Stay Safe, Stay Happy…

There is happier and positive alternative of this game called “Pink Whale Challenge“, visit link if you like to know more.

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