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Baleia Rosa means Pink Whale in Portuguese. It is an Online Challenge or dare game which is exactly opposite of infamous Blue Whale Challenge game which compels teenagers to harm themselves or to commit suicide. Baleia Rosa or Pink Whale Challenge says (in Portuguese),

“Com o intuito de provar que a internet pode ser usada
para viralizar o bem, nasceu a Baleia Rosa.
Espalhe o amor nesse desafio do bem!”

Means, “The goal is to prove that the internet can also be used
to spread love, that’s why the Pink Whale was borned.
Share love with this challenge!”

Pink Whale Challenge is an online challenge game where one can participate in daily tasks, right now there are total 50 tasks. (here you can find the complete list of Pink Whale Challenges). Pink whale challenge aims to spread positivity and generosity to bring happiness to the participant’s life. This is exactly opposite to the infamous blue whale challenge which promotes self-harm and suicidal thought in participants mind. There are many death cases arose due to blue whale game all over the world and in India too.

Pink Whale Challenge (Baleia Rosa) started in April 2017 and it is gaining good popularity all over the world. Baleia Rosa’s official website is which is now available in three languages; Brazilian Portuguese, English, and Espanol. Check the language switcher on the top left of the website. On the top right you will find a link to Selina Gomez’s hit song “Who Says”, it is a very inspiring song, do listen or watch on YouTube.

Their Facebook page “@eusobaleiarosa” have best reviews i.e 5.0. As of today they 288,494 likes and 300,932 people follow their Facebook page. Their twitter handle is with the same name gaining a good amount of followers, similar is the story for their Instagram account too. Though the social media account’s content is in Portuguese, good things is that the Android and iOS apps are in English. They inspire us to do good with their game and doing same on their social media accounts too. On Facebook, they are asking that what should be the next challenge and they share inspiring quotes and messages too. They really trying their best to spread positivity and love in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pink Whale Challenge

How to Download Pink Whale Challenge Game
Earlier Pink Whale Challenge was not available on iTunes and Playstore but now it is available on both Android and iOS platform. Both versions of Game are available in English. You know the rest procedure of app installation. Here are links

List of Pink Whale Challenges
This game has easy and fun challenges like calling a friend with whom you haven’t spoken for a long time, Write “I am Beautiful” on your timeline, writing pink whale straight and in reverse within 22 seconds. The 40th challenge asks to spot shapes in clouds and the last 50th challenge asks to “Save a Life”.

Here we have given the list of first 10 dares or challenges, at end of this section, we have given a link to an article where we have collected a list of all 50 tasks. Check it out.

1. With a marker write on someone’s skin how much you love them.
2. With a marker, draw a pink whale with a motivating quote or word and post a picture of it on social media.
3. Think about the situation has made you the happiest you have ever been and enjoy the memory!
4. If you are ready for next step, comment “YES” on the post, otherwise, go look in the mirror and compliment yourself for 5 minutes.

5. Chat with someone you haven’t talked to for a long time.
6. Write o your timelines or post a picture with the quote “I am beautiful” #PINKWHALE
7. Draw a dream you have one piece of paper, the one that sounds the most impossible to happen, now do everything you can do to make it happen
8. Draw a pink whale in pillow fight and post it on your timeline
9. Post a picture of yourself wearing an outfit that makes you feel good
10. Create a new playlist that makes you excited and share it with your friends

Pink Whale Rules
Please note that it is not compulsory to complete all steps, game admins will not force you to do so, it’s up to you. They do have some suggestions like post something on the timeline or use hashtags etc. Sometimes you need to post pictures of what you have done under given task. No hard and fast rules as such.

Alternatives to Pink Whale Game
There are some other games with a similar concept, some are famous some are not. There is a pink dolphin, green whale, and red whale too.

Blue Whale Challenge

After reading all about the Pink Whale Game, I doubt that any one will go for the notorious Blue Whale Game. Even if you want to find out the links to the game you will not be able to find them. As this blue whale challenge app is not available on app stores, plus Indian government also suggested top social media and websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo to remove its links if any. This game is said to be circulated in private groups with different names, mostly from Russia. Rather than participants find the game, admin finds the vulnerable teen victim for the game. The game creator is now behind bars, so now the game is not in control of its creator. Blue Whale game’s 50 challenges are known for its addiction, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. This games also provoked a new self-harm trend in China called “Human Embroidery” where young people from China sewing threads into their skin on their limb and even lips. To make it worse, they are using colorful threads, beads, and ribbons to make it fashionable.

We request all our readers not to try these games at all, it’s not worth.

Remember life is beautiful, you might be going through problems. This happens in teenage years, we tend to make a bigger issue of smaller things like relationship problem, study or career pressure, social and family pressure, parents problem or even financial problem. Guys, this just a phase in life, it will go away with time. There are these bad people who try to take advantage of your situation. Don’t let them take control of your life. Dont feel excluded, teenage depression happens with all. It’s just a phase.

I am not advertising for the Pink Whale Game, but it’s worth trying as it promotes positivity, there is no compulsion to complete the game. This is for fun… So Be Happy

Teenage Depression is Real Enemy, not Blue Whale

Teenage depression is a real problem but somehow we Indian are not treating the root cause. Games or challenges like Blue whale etc are the just apps, it’s not the real problem. In India, parents don’t interact with teenagers, they either mistaken as child or adult, but they are neither of them; they are teenagers. This is the phase in life where one needs support from family and friends. This is the phase where one wants to explore, want freedom, if not allowed they rebel or go into the shell. We as a society, parents need to understand that teenagers need to be treated differently, we need to be more like friends, guide than just parent or teachers.

Violent Games are Famous in Teenagers

There is another trend in today’s digitized world that makes teenagers cozy with violence. Almost all famous games are based on violence. Over the time this can affect the teenager’s attitude towards life. Children now don’t play cricket, football or other outdoor games, most of the time they are on phone. Yes, we need to adapt with technology but technology should not rule our lives. Now playing cricket, football or swimming becoming luxurious hobbies, one pays to play. We need to create opportunity and environment for children, teenagers to go out and play.


I am not a psychiatrist, but I often observe teenagers issues. So these can be the possible solutions.

  • Parents need to talk to teenagers and try to understand their point of view. They should not force their views on children.
  • Teenagers are in a phase of their sexual exploration. In India, we dont have formal sex education plus even talking about it is a taboo. Rather than just banning some game, parents need to talk to teenagers, Indian education system should adapt with time.
  • We cannot take away a phone from them but we can monitor what they are playing, their behavior on phone but with respecting their privacy too.

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