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Indian has got the heritage of freedom fighters before it got the independence. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives in order get the freedom and martyr Bhagat Singh is one of them. Bhagat is known as one of the intelligent, aggressive and ambition-oriented people in the history of India who fought till his last breath. Many schools and colleges organize various competitions like speech and essay competitions. Students are also asked to write articles on various topics in exams.

Students get a chance to showcase their talents through this kind of competitions and that’s why we are here to help you out. We are giving you the core information about one of the great freedom fighters, Shahid Bhagat Singh. This information will help you to write a better essay and to build a perfect speech. You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures.

This detailed information will help you to write essays and speeches on topics life “My Legendary Hero-Bhagat Singh”, “My role model Bhagat Singh”, “My favorite national leader Bhagat Singh”, etc.

Essay on Veer Shahid Bhagat Singh, Speech

My life has been dedicated to the noblest cause, that of the freedom of the country. Therefore, there is no rest or worldly desire that can lure me now.

These are the words from the great freedom revolutionary of India Veer Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Just a imagine a boy in his twenties determined to sacrifice his life for the motherland. Bhagat Singh is the epitome of patriotism and love for the motherland. He was fearless and highly versatile in his work.

Bhagat Singh Background, Childhood, Family and  History

Bhagat Singh is one of the eminent and charismatic figures, a freedom fighter and revolutionary in the Indian Independence movement who fought with British till his last breath and was executed at the young age of 23. Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907 in Banga village in Punjab. His father’s name was Kishan Singh and mother’s name was Vidyavati. Bhagat Singh’s family was very politically active. His father and uncle were the active participants in the independence movements and Bhagat Singh was greatly influenced by them.

Unlike other Sikh children, Bhagat Singh never attended the Khalsa High School in Lahore as his grandfather unapproved it as the high school officials’ loyalty was toward the British Government. At the age of 12, he visited the Jaliyanwala Baug Massacre in 1919 where thousands of unarmed people were killed under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer. This incident left a great impact on Bhagat Singh’s mind also the filled his heart with rage about the British Government.

Bhagat Singh Education, Contributions and Achievements

After getting disappointed by Mahatma Gandhi‘s philosophy of non-violence as he called off the non-cooperation movement, Bhagat Singh joined Young Revolutionary Movement and started to support the violent movement of bringing down the British Government in India. Soon in 1923 he joined National College in Lahore and started taking interest in the movements against the British Government. He founded the Indian nationalist youth organization Naujawan Bharat Sabha in March 1926. He also joined the Hindustan Republican Association, which had prominent leaders, like Chandrashekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Bismil, and Shahid Ashfaq Ullah Khan. To avoid an arranged marriage he left his home, leaving a letter behind from which his love for his country can be seen.

On 30 October 1928 Lala Lajpat Rai led a march to protest the Simon Commission. To disperse the crowd the superintendent of police, James A. Scott, ordered the lathi charge the protesters Lala Lajpat Rai, who was injured and later died of a heart attack on 17 November 1928. To take revenge of Lalaji’s death Bhagat Singh along with Shivaram Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar, and Chandrashekhar Azad made a plan to kill Scott but they mistakenly killed John P. Saunders, an Assistant Superintendent of Police. Later they escaped from the huge search operation started to catch them in the city by disguising in western attires.

On 8 April 1929, Bhagat Singh, with Batukeshwar Dutt, threw two bombs into the Assembly chamber while it was in session. The bombs were not designed to kill. The intention of the explosion was to make the British government alert that the people of India will not tolerate them anymore. Instead of running away, both allowed the police to arrest them while they threw pamphlets on their agenda and shouting the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad!” (“Long Live the Revolution”).

Bhagat Singh Execution & Death

On 23 March 1931 Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were executed after being convicted on the charges of murder of Saunders, conspiracy to kill Scott, and the bomb explosions in assembly. At the age of 23, Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the independence of his homeland, India. Many supporters of Bhagat Singh blame Mahatma Gandhi for not interfering in the matter and that he could have saved Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Raguru from execution if he wanted to.


Bhagat Singh was a great revolutionary who will be remembered forever for his immense love for country and his sacrifice. Because of his and many other freedom fighters’ sacrifice we are breathing in an independent country. As a citizen of India, we should respect the sacrifices of these martyrs and should help to make India a better country.


Tips For Speech on Bhagat Singh

  • Speeches are meant to be delivered with the confidence and enthusiasm, so don’t mug up the speech.
  • Practice the speech in front of your friends and family members it will help you to deliver the speech with more confidence.
  •  Prepare a structure in mind which will help you to know what comes after what.
  •  You can even use this information for anchoring speech too.
  • You can even use this information for compering /anchoring speech too.

Tips for Essay on Bhagat Singh

  •  Double check the facts and stats in your information such as important figures, dates, and persons.
  •  If you are not able to remember a word, simply use the synonyms for that word.
  •  Be specific on your points.
  • Try to avoid the grammatical and punctuation mistake.

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