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Best Time Management Apps for College Students

best time management apps

College days are the best time of the life, any doubt? I guess you will agree. But assignments, lectures, practicals and what not then how to find time to enjoy the college life. Time is the most precious commodity, you cannot get it back no matter what. So one should learn to manage time and spend it most where it matters. But, is managing time is that simple? No, it’s not. Thanks to technology we can take help of different time management apps to track and optimize time we spend. And that’s the topic of today’s discussion. Here are discussing time management apps which do real-time tracking, scheduling; some check where you waste time most. So, let’s jump in.


TOGGL is the app that literally tracks the time you spend in real time. The app tracks the time to perform task/projects and generate reports according to it. You can also enter the time entries manually. It’s very easy to use with very smooth and sleek user interface. TOGGL supports Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, desktops, MAC and can also be added as an extension to Chrome and Add-On to Mozilla Firefox.

best time management apps

Rescue Time

Everyone should have this app. Do you how much time you spend on Facebook and Whatsapp each day? Rescue Time will tell you that. This app tracks the time spent on websites and application and shows you the results whenever you want to see. It also tells you where you wasted your time the most and also suggests how you could have done more productive things in that time.


best time management apps

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is the best time management app out there. It allows you to manage your talks both, online and offline. It allows you to create lists of your tasks, prioritize them, postpone or prepone them and also tag them according to their type and necessity. The integrated Google map function lets you save commonly visited locations. You can share the task lists with others and when you make any changes in the list the other users are notified about the change. You can also sync the tasks with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

best time management apps


Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet, computer, and smartwatch. Similar to other time management apps in the market this Wunderlist allows you to create tasks lists, share them with other users, assign due dates, prioritize tasks, add subtasks, add a description of the task as well.

You can also attach files such as videos, PDFs, Spreadsheets and PPTs with your task. This feature is available for only the Pro version other than that you can perform all other tasks like any other time management app.

best time management apps


Finish is literally the app for procrastinators (that’s what their tagline say!). The best thing about this app is that it’s all Pro Version features were made free later because the procrastinating teenagers don’t pay for things on App Store says the designer of Finish, Ryan Orbunch. The beauty of Finish is that it doesn’t just notify you once right before something is due. Instead, it notifies you at three predetermined intervals of your choosing. When you set up the app initially you can select the length of different groups.

best time management apps

That’s all for now. Now get up and do your tasks efficiently before the time runs off. 🙂  Do you use any other app which you find very useful? Let us know.

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