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Best Secret Study Tricks for Students That No One Told You 📖✍️

Best Secret Study Tricks for Students That No One Told You 📖✍️

Let’s face it. We all have our go-to hacks and secrets for everything, including how to study well. Everyone has their own whacky method, time and manner of studying. There are night owls who study till the first rays of the sun hit the Earth and then there are some who wake up to study at that time, the morning cocks. Some who want to write down everything well so that the words are etched in their memory and some who just rely on their learning everything by heart method by reading it out loud.

Of course, we cannot miss out on those chosen few who are blessed with an eidetic memory and have to do much less work when it comes to cramming all those pages. But just like everything can be made easy by following some secret practices, you can use some secret practices to make the tedious task of studying tab bit easier. You can pick those from the list which suit your studying style and manner and then see the difference they make.

Best Secret Study Tricks for Students That No One Told You 📖✍️

Music does help 🎶

There is no set rule for this one as you will have to work it out to see if it helps your studying process or hinders it. For some people listening to music while they are studying helps them focus better. The choice of the genre of music totally depends on what you like to listen to.

Some prefer heavy metal or rock music to jolt them out if they start feeling sleepy while mugging those long pages from their books, while some prefer light instrumental music. It’s a simple method of trial and error where you can craft out a playlist for your study hours. Plug in those headphones and you are all set to conquer the world of books.

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Get your stuff in order ✔️

A good filing system never fails anyone and it is a practice which will come in handy even during the later years of your life. All those worksheets and loose assignments papers, if not filed well and in time will either end up making their way into the trash or staying crumpled at the back of your drawer, never to see the daylight. You never know but your final semester paper might have that one crucial question from those papers and you don’t want to feel like kicking yourself for not going through it.

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Post those sticky notes and use those highlighters 📝

Sticky Notes are like your mom. They will keep reminding you of the important stuff to do in your life by just being there. Once you have put these post –it at places you need to revisit before your exams, you would not need to frantically turn the pages at the last minute to find the formula you keep forgetting.

Same is the case with highlighters and markers. Marking relevant and strategic portions while you are going through your lessons, will save you critical time during exams as you can simply read the highlighted portions.

Find a study buddy 👦

Seeing someone else next to you slog it out, motivates you to do the same. Find a buddy who is also looking to partner up with someone as a study buddy. Not only can the two of you study together but you can also discuss your lessons which will make you retain your lessons more in your head. You can obviously take those coffee breaks with your buddy while discussing the forthcoming Avengers movie highlights and then get back to studying.

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Eat well 🍎

We are not talking about laying out a lavish spread on your study desk but to keep eating at regular intervals and to keep yourself well hydrated during those long study hours. Eating small meals of nutritious foods like a veggie or grilled chicken sandwich when you are struck by midnight hunger pangs, will keep you from gorging on heavy, cheesy and sleep-inducing food. The word of caution here is to go easy on the meal and not to overstuff yourself so much that you bring on a food-induced sleep coma!

Go off social media 📵

It doesn’t even sound easy, let alone follow it. It is the most difficult thing to study for even hour at a stretch without checking your Instagram feed. And once you do that it leads to you posting comments and likes and more comments and the selfie at the study with the hashtag #studytime.

Give yourself some time off social media while you study. Rest assured the social media feeds are still going to be there once you are done with your studies.

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So, that was it guys. I hope these secret study tips and tricks will help you to concentrate and study better. If you liked these study tips and tricks then please rate the article down below. If you have any secret study tips of your own then don’t forget to tell them in the comment section below.

All the best for your exams. 👍 🙂

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