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Best Second Date Ideas for Teenagers

second date ideas

I am pretty sure your first date went well, and you are looking forward to a second date. Probably, your first date was at Starbucks or Barista, having coffee and talking about things like your hobbies, your college, your favorite band, your favorite movie and similar stuff, unless you have covered these topics on your WhatsApp chat. 😀 First dates are usually full of awkwardness. You both meet for the first time. You want to know everything about each other but you are not sure where to start. And you both end up with awkward smiles.

But the second date is different. After your successful first date., you are more confident. You both are comfortable with each other. So it’s time to take things forward. You have to make sure that things aren’t fast. You don’t want to end up as “Despo”. Let the time take its course and for that, you have to make sure that you both are on the same page. So let’s start. And guys if you want to impress her then these are the ways to go.

Long Walk on Beach at Sunset

A long barefoot walk with her on a beach at sunset will surely do the magic. The wet sand touching your feet and the sun setting on the horizon, creating a mixture of colors on the canvas of sky. Find the place on the beach where you can sit and talk. The romantic atmosphere will help you both to open up and talk about your lives. And if you got the two cups of coffee for you, then that’s better than the best. And let me tell you, you both will enjoy this coffee thousand times more than CCD and Starbucks.

second date

Soothing Sand & Sun

The Bike Ride

Nothing can match the pleasure of riding in rain with your girl. Take her on a slow, long bike ride with you. And most important thing don’t ride like you are in a Moto GP race.

second date

Beach,Bike & Bae

Cook Together and to Watch a Movie

second date

If she is comfortable to visit your place, then ask her for that. You both can cook something together. I know you are not the best chef in town, it is OK if you settle with Maggie. What you are cooking in not important, the time you spend together is precious. Cooking together will help you both to communicate and bond. After your cooking watch a good movie while enjoying the food. Just make sure you choose the proper movie which won’t make her uncomfortable. Sometimes a Horror movie can bring some opportunities, you know what I mean.

Visit an Amusement Park

Time for little adventure! Visit an amusement park with her in your town. Go on rides. Eat cotton candy. Just make sure you haven’t eaten too much before going on rides, or you’ll end up throwing up all over the place. :p

second date

Attend a Concert

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) have gained so much popularity all around the world in a short span of time and India is no exception for that. If she is into the EDM music attend a concert with her. If you like the EDM too it’s much better. Sharing an interest will get you closer. And this kind of events are organized every few days in the cities but make sure you get the tickets before they are sold out.

second date

That’s it for now. If you got some more second date ideas, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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