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Best Ways to Promote College Fest

Best Ways to Promote College Fest

Well, it’s festival time in colleges, the most exciting time, isn’t it? But few people like you are given responsibility to make these college fests awesome and you burn the midnight oil to make it happen. One such big task in organising the college fest is getting the sponsorship for the event and after that one of the biggest task is to promote the event or as some say to market the event. Let’s go into basics first them we see the best ways, tricks, and tips to promote college fests or events.

Who is your Target Audience

The first and for the most important thing is you must know to whom you are supposed to market your event. Is it intra-college or Inter College event? Are you inviting other colleges or are you inviting non-student crowd? You need to have these answer on top of your head. These things matter a lot while designing the marketing plan for college fest. Let’s take example,

Internal Event: If you are planning an internal event like cultural fest then you might not promote it at a bigger level.

Inter College: If you have inter-college events like tech fest or sports etc. then you need a better marketing plan than internal events. You may also call in colleges from a different part of the city or country, here we will take this scenario.

Know Your Event First

Before promoting any sorta event you first need to know what it is. What the overall plan, whom you are targeting, what to promote and all.

Social Media Campaign

Well, you cannot skip this for sure. You have to have social media presence for your event. Here we will explain what can be done on social media to promote your college festivals.

Facebook Page

Create a Facebook Page for college fest. Add important information about venue, timeline, contests, exhibitions and activities. Do not add each and everything. Remember that Facebook page is for participants, do not add marketing information there.

Keep posting updates about interesting information about events, be regular and interactive. Have a dedicated person to handle social media stuff. You can post interesting stuff from last years’ fest, that will give a glimpse of stuff they can expect.

Facebook Events

Create a Facebook Event and ask your friends and students from your college to share the event. From there you can redirect people to online event registration on your college fest website. We will be writing a detailed guide on college fest website creation soon, keep looking this space for a link.


You can run a contest on Facebook to draw more people attention. But you need to take help of other online tools to create competitions.

Other Social Networks

Do not forget other popular social networks like Instagram or WhatsApp to share your message. You can also create a twitter handle for the event and keep tweeting the event updates on same.

Website for College Fest

Well, creating a website for a college fest is not that hard, nowadays you get a lot of pre-setup templates. You can either choose some free website providers like or but then you will not get a full qualified domain name. e.g. your site names will be like this If you want to get then you need to buy a domain name. If you are going to use the website for next fests also then you should invest a little in it. I think a good freelancer can design a good website under 50,000 Indian rupees.

Awesome Templates

Try to use upbeat, modern website templates which match with look and feel of your event or college personality.

Online Registration

Your college fest website should serve as a first place to register for the event. You can redirect registration request on the website from Facebook page or events or any other online means you are using. Use Facebook “SignUp” button to redirect users to online registration form. If you are charging for event participation then mentions it clearly in the event information.

Sharing buttons

Try to implement social sharing option on website so that it is easy for visitor to share the website, articles, photos from your college fest website

College Fest Listing Websites

There are some websites where you can list your event, these sites are like a directory listing for college fest. E.g., etc.

Offline & Other Methods

You should not forget offline method to promote your college fest. You can print brochures, flex banners and display them at the crowded places where your targeted audience dwells a lot like cafes or food joints. I think you should not waste money is TV ads as your target audience don’t watch TV that much. Instead, you can have YouTube Ad Campaign. You can also do radio campaign.


Well, Bollywood celebrities do sell well in college events. Famous singers concerts are also a big hit. But this is not possible for mid or small scale budget event. In this case, you can call a YouTube Star, they are comparatively easy to approach and generally, they are good with a college audience. You can call Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines fame) your event will be hit for sure.

Word of Mouth

Best possible marketing method on the face of this planet is word of mouth. It’s free. Create some hype around the event, ask your college students to share it with their friends. Let it spread like wildfire.

If this guide helped you any possible way to promote your college fest, then let us know. We will be delighted to know. Keep visiting Dejavuh for more college lifestyle related content.

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