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Best Merchandise for Every TV Series Fan

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You must be knowing that how crazy Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are for comic books.They have bought anything related to comic books at any given price. You have seen Leonard and Sheldon buying the sword from Game of Thrones at $210 in season 5 episode 5. Also in Season 7 episode 2 Sheldon buys Aquaman action figure for freaking $1200. What could be more precious for a fan to have the merchandise of his favorite Comic Hero or the TV series? Hence, I have hunted down these great merchandises of popular TV series and Superheroes. Check them out.

Note: Following products are listed from Amazon India. You can click on affiliate images links to buy products.


Game of Thrones

Starting from the one of the popular TV series in the world. I personally liked all these things.

Flash & The Arrow

The fastest man alive & Archer of Star city.


I’ll Be There For You…

Big Bang Theory


How I Met Your Mother

It’s Legen..wait for it…….dary. Legendary!!!!!!


Breaking Bad

I am the one who knocks!



WWHD- What Would Harvey Do?

Sherlock Holmes

When I Say Run, Run!

That’s all for now. These are the best of all that I could find and every Tv series fan will love them.

Let me know if you like them. 🙂

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