Best Pokemon Go Trolls and Memes Around the Internet

pokemon go trolls

So everyone all around the world is going crazy over the legendary game Pokemon Go. People are getting their asses out of their homes and going on quests to Catch’em All! The internet is flooded with all kinda trolls and memes which will make you go ROFL. So here we got some of the best trolls and memes around the internet. Hope you Like’em all.

This guy has his life sorted.
pokemon go troll


How to Kidnap Pokemon Go Trainer


You came to the wrong neighborhood, Pikachu!


Bruhhhh !!!!


I Knew It !


Yeah. That.


Plot Twist: Mewtwo is in the coffin.


Please officer, but I Gotta Catch’em All !


Pokemon Go + Game of Thrones. This sh*t just got serious.


All That a Pokemon Trainer Needs.


Pedophile Alert!


These are some them we could choose. There are a lot more out there. Also, check out this hilarious video by Press Start Australia.

Press Start Australia

If you got some more trolls and memes, let us know in the comment section below.

Gotta Catch’em All !

Featured Image Courtesy – Pokemon Go

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