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Best Note Taking, Grammar, Cloud Storage Apps for College Students

Best Note Taking, Grammar, Cloud Storage Apps for College Students

Being a college student is a tough job. Exams, assignment, classes, projects and what not; it is very difficult to find time to manage it all. Thanks to technology, we have great solutions available to us with which we can save time, earn money, learn new things or manage study. But there a jungle of apps out there, it is difficult to choose the perfect one. So here we come to your rescue. We have compiled the list of best apps for colleges students, we have tried to include all types of apps in the list. List have apps from Android, Apple (iOS), Web, Chrome, Amazon to Windows. So, let’s jump into it.

Here in this post, we will only cover grammar, cloud storage, note taking apps. We are coming up with more such posts in coming weeks.

Note Taking Apps for College Students

Well, not only college students anyone can use them. But let us focus on students.


Probably the best note taking app ever. Evernote has so many awesome features that it simply outcompetes the others. It has all basic note taking stuff plus you have in-app image annotation, easy sharing, email integration, group collaboration, web clipper features. You can save notes from the web directly or take a photo of the blackboard and save it. You can organize these notes in different hierarchies and topics or as per assignments. It syncs across all your devices. You can share it with your project or team members. Evernote is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. The free version is good enough for college or high school students, upgraded version comes with more advanced options.

Evernote Note Taking App


Google Keep

I use Google Keep. Why? It is FREE, simple and auto integrated with Gmail account. Though it is having lesser features, it was meant to be simple. You can create notes and share with friends or team members. You can set location-based or time-based reminders. You can take audio notes within app only. There are no fancy features available in Google Keep, but it is sufficient for students unless you do need advanced features. It is also available on android and iOS.

Google Keep Note & List App

Google Keep

Grammar Apps for College Students

You will be doing a lot of assignment, projects and probably paper presentation this year. Here you are dealing with a lot of digital text material, therefore, you should have a grammar or proofreading app or software on your computer. If you are a student and work part time for copywriting or you do blogging then you should have at least of the grammar app installed on your laptop, tablet or mobile.


I use Grammarly, I do a lot of blogging and Grammarly free option is good enough for me. I am using it right now while writing this post. J . It is integrated with Microsoft Word and other famous word processors. In the free version, it checks contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. You can easily change the wrong word by simply clicking on the suggestion. It also gives you a reason for every suggestion. Following in the screen grab of Grammarly when I was writing this very paragraph.

With premium version, you can get advanced grammar recommendations, vocabulary suggestion and best things that you check plagiarism on the fly. It will be little pricey for a college student, but worth trying.

Grammarly - Grammar Checking apps for college students



One more big name in grammar checking software. With a free license, you can check and correct subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, consecutive nouns, misused words, contextual spelling etc. You get free Chrome and Mozilla browser extensions. These features are good enough for college or high school student. Ginger does have an offer running for students, but still, I think free version offers enough to our use. The paid version comes up with sentence rephraser, online self-trainer and other tools.

Online Storage (Cloud) Apps

What if you lose all your important data on the laptop? There are always chances that disk may get corrupt and you visit a blue screen on PC. Then why not to try some cloud-based free storage options? Backup your important data on these cloud storage. You may don’t want to spend money for extra storage then you can get following 3 options, use their free plans.

Google Drive

Who doesn’t have Gmail account? Use free space provided by Google and it’s whopping 15GB. Backup your important data, pictures in the cloud. If you want to extend the size then you can buy it from Google, it’s not that costly. You can upgrade to 100GB for just $1.99 / Month, cheapest and recommended option.


You will get free 10GB when signup as a personal account. If you upgrade at $10 / Month (approx. 700 INR) then you get 100GB.


2 GB free cloud storage for normal user and $9.99 / Month gives you 1TB. Dropbox is well integrated other apps and services.

Mega (New Entry)

Mega is a new entry in the list, you will get 50GB for a free account. This is a new online storage service, still developing. The app is available on Android. Here is the comparison between the Mega and pCloud. The pCloud, is also a cloud storage solutions provider. Take a look at it.

So, this was our best lists of note taking, grammar and cloud storage apps for students. If you liked the article and also wants to suggest some new and better apps ten please let us know in the comment section below. 🙂

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