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Best Money Management Apps For College Students

best money management apps for college students

Money shortage is one of the many problems that college students face. During your college life, keeping track of your money is a hectic job and at times boring too. No matter how much you track to find out where did all the money go, you end up having no clue about it. You always run out of money at the end of the month. People who live away from their home for studies will relate with this the most. College students need money to buy the stuff needed for their studies,to hang out with their friends, to watch movies, for pizza and so many things. (Oops… I forgot parties). How convenient it would have been if we could just get the track of every penny we spend. It’s possible with the technology now. There are so many money management apps which will help you track your money, set budgets and remind you to make sure you save money. But which app is the best is very hard to tell because there are so many money management apps available in the market each with different features and functionalities.

Don’t worry we got your back. We have created the list of best money management and budgeting apps which are best suited for college students so that they can track their money expenditure and spent it wisely. I know many of you must be thinking that college students don’t care where their money is going. but trust me if you could just keep the track of it, you will remain with more money at the end of the month to buy you a nice pair of jeans.

Here’s the list of best money management and budgeting apps specially made for college students.

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Mint is the app where you can create multiple budgets for your expenditure such as food,tuitions, travel, fun and such things. You can also sync the app with your bank account to keep track of your all transactions. If you are using a credit card then the app will make sure you spend money only that much you can pay them off. It also notifies you with your every transaction, the summary of your transaction and the balance in your account. It also gives you the tips where you can save the money as well as it helps you to increase your credit score if you are using a credit card.

budget management apps for college students / Mint

CheckPlease Lite

Are you tired of remembering the names of your friends who owe you money? Then this app is for you. CheckPlease Lite keeps track of your money as well as it notifies you who owes you what amount of money. Also whenever you go to the restaurant with your friends and the time comes to pay the bill, it will help you to split the bill with your friends when you enter the bill amount and the number of friends.

best money management apps for college students


Wally is the app for those college guys who just need a basic money management features not those detailed pie chart and column charts reports. It’s an upfront app which allows you to keep track of your spendings and saving. It also lets you set the saving goals and notifies you when those goals are achieved.

best money management apps for college students



Who doesn’t want to secure from financial frauds and save money at the same time? Billguard protects the user’s money by notifying them when suspicious charges are being made enrolled accounts. It also searches the web for discount coupons and deals best suited for you. What else do you need, right?

They have relaunched the app with name Prosper Daily.

best money management apps for college students

Prosper Daily

Banking Apps

Nowadays almost every bank has their own app for account handling and tracking the transactions. These apps will allow you to pay online, check balance, and transfer money online with safely. The OTP(One Time Password ) feature makes it secure, where a 4 digit pin is sent on your registered mobile number. This OTP expires after a short amount of time so that no one can misuse it. The banks also provide reward points if you use the app. It’s like the icing on the cake, right?

Go ahead and download any of these apps which cater your requirement best and track your spending. Save money so that you can treat yourself something from the money you saved. Maybe that nice jacket you saw online or the pizza with extra cheese. Your choice. 🙂

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