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Essay on Independence Day in English for Class 1 to 12 Students

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7 decades ago the same day, 15th August 1947 India got independence from British Raj. Today we enjoy a lot of facilities and rights like freedom of expression, right to live, choose and grow, back then they were struggling for life. Thousands of freedom fighter and people gave their lives for freedom. From “1857 Revolt” to “Non-Cooperation Movement” and “Do or Die” movement those martyrs fought for the nation faced unbearable losses. They sacrificed their home, life, and soul for the country and finally succeeded to get the first breath of fresh freedom but many were not fortunate enough to feel that. We have written this essay on Independence Day in English for students for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12.

Today, on 15th August 2019, Independence Day, we salute and honor those great freedom fighters who gave us a chance to live like a free human being. In this article, we are giving you a sample essay on independence day, rather than just giving same independence day related data, again and again, we will be giving you a different perspective about independence day. The theme for today articles in “Independence from Internal Enemies.” This is another, ongoing but hidden independence struggle we are fighting. So, let’s start.

Essay on Independence Day in English for Class 1 to 12 Students


Independent as per dictionary it means, free from outside control; not subject to another’s an authority. Independent means not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence, capable of thinking or acting for oneself. If this is the definition then question to be asked is, are we independent?

Thousands of freedom fighters and millions of people died to get freedom from the British Empire. They sacrificed their home, life, and soul for this country. They died with the smile on face because they saw the dream of a free country where their next generation will be under no one’s authority, they will decide what they want to do and how to live.


India does have an imminent independence threat from neighboring countries and terrorist states, but the Indian government and security forces are confident to handle them. The Indian government is improving their arms and ammunition, aircraft, defense technology to handle these threats. Along with that, P.M. Modi is on a mission to form defense tie-ups and treaties with strategically important countries.

We are trying to get a seat in the NSG group, we are counter-attacking a Chinese offensive string of pearls strategy. Government investing heavily in defense procurements. Presently we see India-China standoff at Doklam, that shows India’s determination to deal with threat and hegemony of China in the region. We can say that we have a sound plan for external enemies for our nation’s sovereignty.

But, India struggling to control internal enemies. What are these internal threats? We are riddled with corruption, poverty, illiteracy, communal tensions, bad infrastructure, education, and health systems. We still see rapes, child labor, human trafficking, slavery in India. Then how we can be an independent country by definition.

We expect the government to handle these problems. They are responsible for handling these issues. But we, people of India forget to slice and dice to the root-cause of it. Yes, the government has the responsibility to fix these problems. But we citizen also have responsibilities. While enjoying the rights, we should not forget the responsibilities too.


All of these corrupt politicians, business people, terrorist, Naxals, thieves come from the same society. We need to change individually, each one of us. People of this country need to be kind, sincere, sensitive, secular, disciplined. In return, society will change and thus the nation.


71 years back India got independence from the British, but now India faces a real threat from inside. Governments and militaries can handle the external threats but to have a real independent nation, we need to solve the internal problem. And for that, we need to see inside. We need to change; we need to be responsible citizens.

Tips for Essay on Independence day 2019 in English

These useful tips will help you while writing an essay on independence day in English.

  1. Try to have some theme for the essay; Everybody will give data and facts about the day. But to be different from the crowd you need to be different.
  2. Use current news, event, situations in the essay, if that’s your theme for the essay. Like you should add some information on current India-China standoff, Indias “Look West Act East” Foreign Policy.
  3. Divide it into simple sections, introduction, core, and conclusion.
  4. Any essay is made of a specific structure. The essay starts with the introduction of the topic, followed by the information body paragraph and ending the essay with the conclusion. Write your essay in this format.
  5. There are various Types of Essay Writing. Determine what type of essay you are going to write.
  6. Keep the conclusion of your essay short yet meaningful.

You can use the content of this essay for your essay competition at your school or colleges. You can even use this information for paragraph and article writing. We have tried to give enough information so that you can pull of essays different length like 100, 150, 300, 500, 1000 words. Given essay and speech is suitable for students of class 7, 8,9, 10, 11, 12th. You can simplify this information for school kids of grade, class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

We have already given a lot of information above in this essay on independence day 2019 in English. You can use some references from there for your anchoring speech script too. At the end of the event, you or some other host need to give a vote of thanks to guests, participants, organizing teams, and volunteers, Read more about it here.

If you like our effort, then don’t forget to appreciate it with comments and good ratings. You can also mention your corrections and suggestions too. Tell us your ideas, how we citizens can help India to be great again?

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