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Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Boys, Boyfriend, Husband 2018

Best Gift Ideas For Indian Teenager Boys

Well,  finding a great gift for boys is not that difficult actually, most of the boys kinda use a similar type of stuff but maybe from the brand they like. Here in this post, we are not talking about the brand but the generic gift ideas for boys for this valentines day 2018. Once you know what to gift him then you can get it from his favourite brand. Most of the boys like video games, DSLRs, funky fashion accessories, and electronic item. But the event for which you are giving gift also matters.

So we have created a reference list of best gift ideas for boys for valentines day. The gifts range from affordable to expensive ones. We tried to find the best gifts according to what the boys like the most fashion, fitness, gaming, technology, movies and TV series, photography, sports and much more. Let’s see them.

Valentines Day 2018 Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Husband

  • Fashion & Grooming Accessories

Gone are the days when boys used to be careless about how they look. Nowadays boys are as keen as girls on how they look. They experiment with their looks every now and then. Now they are more conscious about latest fashion updates & trends. So, what could be that gift which will allow him to flaunt his personality? It could be sunglasses, a nice watch, a wallet, a nice premium perfume, wristbands, lockets, hair care products, beard oil & wax and much more. These gifts are very affordable so that you can buy multiple gifts and it won’t create a hole in your pocket are a perfect gift for him on this valentines day.

Another best gift option is “Beard Fashion Accessories“. If your friend, boyfriend don a stylish beard make him aware of this. This can be a perfect gift for him.

  • Action Camera

Is your boyfriend really into the action sports such as skateboarding, bike stunts or simply the moto vlogging. Then gifting him an action camera would be the best choice. Action cameras are small, portable and can be mounted on the bike, car or on the helmet. There are several brands who manufacture action cameras and they are getting more and more popular in India nowadays. Some of the brands are GoPro, SJCam, Xiaomi. You need to spend a bit more to gift one of these cameras to your friend but this allows him to explore his outdoor hobbies & adventure. He will never stop thanking you for this gift. GoPro is pretty much expensive brand whereas SJCam and Xiaomi cost less as compared to GoPro.

  • TV Series and Movies Merchandise

There’s always that one guy who spend days watching TV series, season after season. He never leaves any TV series and is a huge fan of movies. If your guy is one of them, then gifting him the merchandise of his favourite TV series or movie would be a great gift idea for the valentine day. I have written a separate article on Best Merchandise for Every TV Series Fan. Check that out too.

  • Virtual Reality Gear

VR gear is the thing nowadays. If your boyfriend or husband is a tech-savvy guy then I am pretty sure he will be very happy to get this as a gift. There are several brands who have introduced their Virtual Reality Gear in the market and their price range also varies.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

Who doesn’t like music?  So why don’t you gift him a nice wireless speakers or headphones so that he can groove on the music?

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  • RC Cars

Boys are crazy for cars. No matter in what size they come. Boys spend their childhood playing with toy cars and even when they grow up the love for those RC cars still remains. So why don’t you gift him an RC Lamborghini on his birthday?

  • Fitness Gear and Equipment

Is your boyfriend a fitness enthusiast? Then what could make him happier than something related to fitness? Gift him a wearable fitness gear or any fitness equipment to that he can efficiently continue his fitness journey.

Here are some for Valentines Day 2018 Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife, Couples

  • Gaming Accessories

There’s always that one guy in your group who is just crazy for gaming. He can just spend the whole day playing video games if he could. Counter-Strike, FIFA, Call of Duty, Far Cry, Dota these are the games to name the few. If your guy is a gamer then you know what would be the best gift for him? The gaming Accessories. Yes, he will just go crazy if you gift him the gaming mouse, keyboard, or even the gaming headphones. You can go one step ahead and gift him the XBOX or PSP if you want to. 😛

  • Photography Accessories

Does your boyfriend love photography? And you think he clicks pretty good pictures. Then gifting him the photography accessories would be the best thing. So that he can click more amazing pictures.

  • Handwritten Letter

If you cannot afford anything from this then I would suggest you make him a nice handwritten card or letter. He would be more than happy by reading it. A handwritten card shows that you took time and effort to think and write that message. In this era of Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram who takes a pen and write a well-thought message for a friend. You can take it to next level by sending it to his postal address by post. :).

Now go and choose something for him. I might have helped you to cross the bridge halfway, it’s your time now to go ahead surprise your boyfriend with an amazing valentines day gift for 2018.

I hope you find this article helpful. If yes then please let me know in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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