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Best Christmas Party Anchoring Speech Script

Christmas is around the corner and you are planning to host a Christmas party for your friends and family. You might be hosting the event at school or office, in both cases you as a host/anchor need to lead the party and organize it well so that everyone enjoys the special evening. One of a most important part of hosting a Christmas party is your Christmas speech. Whether you are a hosting a school/college Christmas program or a small home or office party, you need a good anchoring or welcome speech to set the tone right for the Christmas Eve.

Here in this article, we are giving you a sample speech on Christmas day celebrations. You can also use part of this sample speech for say, essay, anchoring / comparing and even for article writing too. Yes, definitely you need to mold the given information accordingly. And we know that you are smart enough to do that.

We will start with tips on writing Christmas speech then we will give you sample speeches. Kindly note that there cannot be a perfect ready-made speech or anchoring script which will tick all points. You can use the structure and content of sample speech, but kindly add your own thoughts, emotions, experience, humor to it.

How to Write a Christmas Speech

First and most important thing is to know who is your audience. Is it friends and family, colleagues/employees at the workplace, fellow students, and teachers? Once you know your audience it is easy to decide, theme, the tone of the speech.

Next, you need to define/know the agenda of the party, means what all things planned for the event. Along with that, you should know where you are going to deliver the speech. let’s see examples,

If it is a home party, it is simple. Family, friends come together spend a good time, wine and dine. In this case, the host needs to keep speech short and sweet. Just welcome guests and say something about Christmas itself, pray and have fun. You can use some insider jokes too.

Now in India we have a lot of English medium and convent schools who celebrate the Christmas each year. Here your audience is teachers, students, and chief guest/s if any. In this case, you will be acting as an anchor. The tone of the event can be formal to semiformal. You might have some thee defined for the event like charity, gratitude, young talent etc.

In the third case, that is office party; the tone of the event will be semi-formal and sometimes it can be formal too. If there are a big number of Christian employees in office then you can expect a big event too. Please remember that this is time employees want to spend with family and friends, prepare your speech in such a way that they will not get bored at the start of the event itself.

Next step is to prepare an outline of the event. Party will start from welcome speech, then you will be introducing overall program schedule or list of events planned and then there will be thank you note. After that, there will food and fun and probably an after dinner Christmas speech.

Now, let’s see the Christmas day party speeches

Speech for Christmas Party at Home

Hello friends, today we are gathered here to celebrate Christmas Eve. Jesus lived an exemplary life, we should try to follow the same. His teaching assures us salvation, harmony, good health, and life. We should always seek the path shown by Jesus, that’s the only way one to live and enjoy life here on the earth and beyond.

Life is like a rollercoaster ride, you will always see ups and downs. we all should stay together in happiness and sorrow. Together as a family let us thank Jesus for the food and happiness he brought in our life.

<you can this party as an opportunity to add announcements or address someone>
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Janine and Roy for their cute baby girl. Raise a toast to welcome the angel in the family. Lets us salute Benjamin for his successful career in the army, he served our nation for 35 long years. Benjamin, you are a hero.

<add some fun and humor>
I know I am not a great speaker, if I continue my welcome speech for 2 more minutes then these naughty kids will start heckling me, yeah I am talking about you, Jacob and Sam. So, let me welcome you all once again, let’s enjoy the evening.

Vote of Thanks Speech for Christmas Day Celebration at Home

Christmas Celebration Function Speech At Office

Office parties can be fun sometimes or a mixture of fun and formality, it depends on the culture of the company. New, young companies are more fun, and those are in traditional industries like manufacturing, mining etc may not be that fun at Christmas bash. Here is a sample speech you can take reference from.

Welcome, all to, XYZ’s 2017 Christmas Office Party. I know that a beautiful meal and cocktails waiting for us so I will not take too much your time.

Last year it was tough for us all, we were facing the fire because of economic slowdown. But we fought back and brought business back to its reputation. It’s a team effort, every department, every individual gave their 100%, to make it happen. Every business sees ups and downs, what we learned from this is if we stay together and put our sincere efforts to a common cause then no one can beat us.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all. I will not take more of your time, so enjoy the evening and have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Vote of Thanks Speech for Christmas Day Celebration at Office

Note: You can have different agendas, announcements, news or updates about your business or company, so adjust the speech accordingly.

Christmas Day Speech or Anchoring Script for School

School Christmas party is going to be a formal event. There will an anchor who will run the show. Here is a sample anchoring script for school Christmas function.

Good evening, a warm welcome to everyone; We are gathered here for our schools 5th Chrismas Celebrations. I am extremely honored to welcome you all. First I would like to welcome honorable chief guest father Mattews from city church. He is recognized as the modern day saint, he chose a simple life so that he can help others more. Please welcome Father Mattews.

She is the epitome of success, discipline. She is a guide and a friend too. Please join me in welcoming our principal ABC,

Tonight is chance to get into Christmas spirit, to spread happiness, joy and sing along. It is also a chance to share happiness with unprivileged. We are blessed by Jesus, we should use these blessings to help those who have less. Jesus teaches us that world will be a better place if we share love and joy, tonight we will welcome the children from the community who are not part of our school and give them chance to showcase their talent. We are also running a charity for them so that they can pursue their education.

Note: This is a speech for “charity” theme, you may or may not have a specific theme for the day. You need to adjust your speech accordingly.

Vote of Thanks Speech for Christmas Day Celebration at School

Sample Christmas Speech

In the shadow of our times, the light of Christmas shines upon us. As per old saying, “You shall love your neighbors as yourself”, today this message needs to realize than anything else. Doors are closed, we don’t know who are our neighbors. We fight with neighboring countries which were sometime back the part of the same nation, heritage, and culture.

With globalization and technology distance between people and nations is decreasing, but rather than coming close people are becoming more detached. More we focus on individual more selfish we will be. We are social animal, we need people in our life. Speak to people, know their pains, share your happiness, it is hight time to reunite and ignite the sense of community again in the society.

In old days we kept our door open for neighbors, we used to help each other. Now we complain that nobody helps us, cares about us. We got to open up first, then only we expect the same gesture from others. As they say, you got to love someone first to get loved.

On this eve of Christmas, let us shred the veil of loneliness and selfishness. Let us break the door of divide and open our arms to all. Let’s acts on Jesus teachings and make the world a better place again.

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