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What Can Students, Teachers Learn from School Trips? 🗺️🚌

What Can Students, Teachers Learn from School Trips

School trips have multifold benefits for all the parties involved, in essence, the students, the teachers, and the school itself. These trips give the students an educational experience which is pretty different from what they learn in school and is way more practical. The most famous kinds of school trips usually institutions take children on are zoos, government agencies, museums of science and history, nature centers, hospitals, and parks et cetera.

I have compiled benefits of frequently going on school field trips for all three- students, teachers and the institutions themselves. Read along to know how these field trips will benefit you!

What Can Students, Teachers Learn from School Trips? 🗺️🚌

What Students can learn from school trips?

Here are a number of things the students learn from field trips in detail.

School trips help to overcome cultural differences

Travelling together helps the students to overcome the cultural differences that exist between them. It leads to enhanced awareness and a better understanding of each other’s beliefs, cultural values and moral as well and perceptions.

Increases fondness for the subject

It is statistically proven that school trips make children understand things in a better way than before and give them a clear understanding of the topic that is being discussed in the subject. About sixty percent of students felt their concepts were clearer after going on a related field trip.

Leads to better interpersonal relationships

Student’s statistical surveys show that the children believe school trips benefit both their relationship with their teachers and their classmate. About 65 percent of the students said field trips make the teacher understand better about the ways in which they liked to learn and about 84 percent of students said that such trips helped them build a better relationship with their school mates.

Overall personality development

School trips contribute greatly to a person’s overall personality development, ranging from self-esteem and confide4nce to independence, efficiency as well as coping strategies.

Hands-on learning experiences

School trips are one of the finest sources of hands-on learning, they help build something called ‘visual literacy’ which refers to the ability to interpret, negotiation and make meaning from the provided information which is given in terms of an image or a situation.

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Gives Inspiration

School field trips give inspiration to the student to travel and learn more through experiences instead of only sticking to textbooks. They serve as one of the strong sources of inspiration for the students and gives them a new perspective.

Increases knowledge

Needless to say, the students learn immensely and understand tremendously better form field trips they take with their classmates. A high school student said and I quote “I probably did more hours of work in that one week than I did in the whole term, I just had so much inspiration from it.”; this speaks for itself.

What Teachers Can Learn from School Trips?

The school trips are not beneficial to only the students, they also have immense benefits for the teachers. Let’s discuss them below in detail.

Improve Teacher-student relationship

86 out of hundred students said that school trips help them form a bond with their teachers and helps them improve their rapport. Both of the parties agreed to have gotten on better with each other after taking a couple of trips together.

Develops Pedagogical skills

School trips help the teachers develop teaching skills and widening their horizons. It helps them get more practical and learn to teach more practically and something else than the books, literally.

Creates an informal learning experience

School field trips help the teacher to create an informal learning environment for their students. This widens their learning horizons and leads to th4 development of interpersonal and more practical skills.

Leads to professional development

Several skills and weaknesses would be better understood and dealt with out of the classroom as they may not be evident t and difficult to identify where leaning and teaching is confided to book and rooms.

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Improves interpersonal relationships

The teacher seemed to collaborate on a greater level with their staff, formed friendships and seemed to get along well when they went on school trips frequently, surveys show. They planned outings, and joint activities as well as combined teaching.

How the School Trips Benefit the Institute Itself?

So, we are finally on the last tier of benefits of the school trips on the institutions itself. Read below to know more.

Improve department’s repute

School trips improve the school’s reputation and help them to indirectly advertise their learning environment.

Improve school’s prestige

Field trips add to the institution’s’ prestige. They create a healthy, attractive and well-balanced learning environment which will lure in prospective learners.

Student development leads to the school’s development

As we mentioned once before, school trips are a major source of the overall development of the students. It helps them develop visual literacy, the qualities of confidence, decision making, self esteem, independence and trust among others. The students represent the schools they studied in which basically means that the school’s image is developing along with its students.

Improve the learning process

The school starts to act as a community. The high schoolers act as role models and mentors to the younger ones. This helps them gel along with one another.

Better engagement

The whole school starts acting like a community, which it actually is when there exist better interpersonal engagement and sense of cohesion. Residential experiences when clubbed with textbook learning serve as a wholesome learning source – covering both the textbook and practical aspects of the topics or subjects discussed.

Raise aspiration

School trips create a ripple effect of benefits for everyone. They eventually lead to better punctuality in the school, an improved collaboration in all aspects, better student teach relation, raised aspirations of the teachers and the students. Wider teaching spectrums, enhanced and different learning strategies and a good as well as responsible parental attitude towards the school.

So, in essence we can easily say that teaching institutions should spend more time and make more efforts when it comes to organizing field trips for their students as they have countless benefits for all the parties involved- ranging from overall personality development for the children, widening pedagogical skills for the teachers to enhanced prestige for the school itself.

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