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Beard Accessories for Men – An Upcoming Fashion Trend

Beard Accessories for Men
Krato / Kickstarter

If you don an amazing beard then this is the next big thing for you. Very soon you will be able to take your beard style to next level. Krato an Italian company raising funds on Kickstarter for very first beard piercing accessories. We sense that this is going to be the next trend and if you wanna get it first then preorder it from here.

There is another type of beard fashion accessories collection which helps you to decorate beard as per season. Christmas is on the corner you can experiment with Christmas beard accessories. A company called as beardaments.

But what if you want to try something like that right now. Well, you can do a small DIY Project.

Get Charms like this

Then get hooks like this. These are earning hooks, I am not finding a better option right now. You might need to cut it short a bit.


and just stuck it in the beard on the chin area or slightly up.

If you try this experiment then don’t forget to comment on our post 🙂

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