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Be Yourself

Be Yourself - Indian Teen Guys Style Basics 101

You are neither a KID nor an ADULT, isn’t it? You are a Teenager. They may call you arrogant kid or an immature adult, let them call you names. Be what you are. You guys are in the most exciting phase of life, you will never ever experience this kinda curiosity, adventure and adrenaline flow ever in your life. Cherish this phase of life and live each moment of it, but with responsibility.

You guys are going through major physiological, psychological change, so your behaviour is scientific fact. Here in India; elders, teachers don’t understand this fact. They don’t understand what kind of pressure you guys are going through. You guys face different kind of problem, you boys are part of unique and bizarre social culture. Self-doubt, low confidence, body image, academic pressure, drug abuse these are the few problem you guys are going through. Though our social setting is not going to understand this soon still you guys need to take the initiative. You don’t worry about a job security, marriage or even exams. So speak up!. Communication is the key guys. Speak to your parents, friends, and peers. Put your views across the table.

There is much more to speak about this. We will be discussing it in all possible sections though out this platform. Let’s pause this discussion on a positive note. So, once again guys, Be Yourself.

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