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Is Art a Good Career Option Today? 🎨🖌️

Is Art a Good Career Option Today

Remember the hit movie, 3 idiots? Yes, the Indian movie that for the very first time triggered the issue of education system loopholes and career choices of Indian students versus their parents. I am sure every average student could relate them to the movie. It’s so unfortunate that even today in this newfangled generation parents want their kids to pursue conventional career choices.

All they want from their kids is to get a high profile decent job and make big bucks. But what if they want something else in life? What if they want to pursue something they are actually passionate about and dissimilar to what other people are doing?

Is Art a Good Career Option Today? 🎨🖌️

Today, people in large are choosing art as their career and doing excellent work in their fields. In today’s era art is not restricted to just painting or fine arts, its way ahead. Dancing, music, singing, photography, writing, designing, animation or any other offbeat field now has much wider and ample scope if you master your art or imply it in the virtuous direction.

People do succeed in supporting themselves through a combination of their artistic aptitude and skills, hard work and commitment at various platforms to enrich their knowledge and income from their talent and earn a handsome living for them. The internet has broadened the reach of art and made it possible for artists to increase their visibility to viewers and collectors all over the world, giving them more exposure and market to showcase their special craft.

How to promote and market your art business online?

During this internet era, one must take full advantage of digital opportunities and ways of promoting your art business online. Yes, there are many ways in which you can promote yourself and your art business for free and nowadays, as an artist, it’s more important than ever to leverage your expertise.

Start a Blog

There are many benefits to you as an artist to start a blog. It’s a great way to connect to the people and directly promoting yourself, giving important cues about your art and detailing the information that people might be interested in knowing.

There is no better place to connect with a potential customer than on your blog. Here, you can share all the details of upcoming events or projects, answer their queries, your contact information and maybe a cool video or two.

Join a Social Media Network

I assure you, social media is a great platform to promote your art and make you popular among masses. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the fastest ways to build recognition for you and your art business. Social media is changing the rules of the marketplace drastically.

An artist bears his art solely on his shoulders, but social networking provides them to get a huge audience to view their art! Also, you get instant feedback on your latest posts, attract large visitors to your blog, ask for advise on your art and explore various other opportunities on this virtual medium

Regularly post your stuff

Keeping your art updated and regular among the virtual audience is very important. We are in a marketplace where thousands of people are coming up with new ideas and concepts with every passing day. Henceforth, posting images, videos and related posts about your art is very crucial to keep people informed about your work.

Join an online community

Join your art-related group and become an active member of their online community. There are numerous forums and Q&A sites. You just have to find the ones that line up with your expertise. This is another great way to prove yourself as an expert, and once again drive traffic back to your website. People are always looking for answers online, why not let it be you they trust?

Career choices for an artist/creative person

If you’re sure that you are interested in using your creativity in a different industry, you’ve got plenty of options. Besides, the customary career choices, you have numerous other fields where you can channel your talent, you just need to explore your domain. Few creative career options are:
Acting, Fine arts, Music, Vocal artist, Choreography, Advertising, Art and designing, TV and radio presenter, Photographer, Animator etc.

Major challenges for an artist

It is unfortunate that artist and creative people are still looked down as non-performers in the society and those with high earning jobs are considered superiors. An artist has to go through a lot to prove their talent to the world. Few major challenges faced by an artist are:

Constant pressure

Still, very few parents support their children with their offbeat career choices. Most of them want their kids to give up their interests and go by the standard norms of society. We often hear the struggle stories of the successful artist telling what pressures they faced in achieving their true self.

Lack of funds

An artist is always short of money as these professions fail to make fast bucks. Till the time an artist become a huge success, they will always face a shortage of funds again for the same reason that creativity has a very limited scope in our country.

Repeated rejections

Being an artist, always be ready to face rejections and criticism for the simple logic that most people don’t have the correct aptitude of an artist. People view creative ideas and work as inappropriate until they can learn to understand it better. They respond by showering the creative person with negative criticism, which at times can have negative results of curtailing the creative talent.

Success is uncertain

Good grades on your report card mean you are going to have a successful career which makes you feel secure. Creative people have to deal with insecurities regarding, especially being successful and attaining recognition. To be successful as a creative person, one has to overcome the fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of making mistakes or fear of being criticized.

As creative people walk on the untraded path, they have to be prepared to end in the wrong place a few times before finding their destination. The anticipation of failure and lack of assurance of being successful is an enormous problem faced by creative people.

I hope you guys like this article. So what are your views on choosing art as a career? Write them down in the comment section below. And share the post with your artist friends. 🙂

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