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Arrow, Semicolon, and Infinity Tattoo Designs & Meaning –>;∞

One who goes to ink himself should know what’s the meaning of the tattoo. In our last article in tattoo section, we saw what an amazing meaning a semicolon tattoo have. Now this Arrow, Semicolon, and Infinity tattoo (–>;∞) also have a great meaning together.

Arrow, Semicolon, Infinity Tattoo Meaning

Arrow needs to be pull back in order to go ahead.

What this arrow tells you that sometimes in life you get pulled back by situations, problems or people. In this case, don’t get disheartened and stop your journey towards the goal. Your goal is to go ahead. Consider you are an arrow, which is pulled back but once it released it goes forward only and hits the goal.

The semicolon is a symbol of hope, a sentence may be stopped by a period, yet the author decides to continue the sentence after the semicolon.

Semicolon tells you to pause for time being if you are struggling with life. Rather than quitting life (sentence), take a pause (semicolon) and then move ahead with strength and energy. Here is the detailed guide on the semicolon tattoo designs and meaning. Must Read.

Infinity means forever and always.

You should keep on going, no matter what life throws back at you.

So overall meaning of the Arrow, Semicolon, Infinity tattoo is You may get pulled back in life, don’t get disheartened. Take a pause and then again stand up and go forward like an arrow towards infinity.

Arrow, Semicolon and Infinity Tattoo Designs

Here are other designs for Arrow and Semicolon

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