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Anchoring Speech Script Tech Fest

It’s the best season in college life, students wait for this season. You will have Cultural Events, Tech Fests, Symposiums, Sports Days. Some colleges even have their Annual Day, Presentations in this season. In short, this is the month of events. But as you are here it looks like you are from another side of the events. You are one who may be on the organizing committee or you are the one who is going to host the tech fest. You might be looking for some tips and references related to tech fest anchoring script, then you are in the right place. This article will give you a sample anchoring script for a technical festival or as you like to say tech fest in your college. So, let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Tech Fest

Before jumping to the draft of your anchoring script, let’s discuss some basic points. Let me ask you one basic question. Who is your audience? Is it teachers or is it chief guest? Your answer should be college students and attendees. You as an anchor should have a goal to entertain them, educate them about the event and the proceedings. So as your audience is young college students you got to be humorous, active and energetic.

The second most important thing here is that it is not a typical formal kind of event. In a tech fest or cultural fest, you should use an informal type of anchoring. With informing kind of anchoring it’s easy to connect with your audience, you can speak to them, you can interact with them, you can play some gigs with them.

To conclude, I will say; we learn two things. First, your audience is college students and second is that you should prefer informal anchoring speech technique for tech fest. How to write Best Anchoring Script, Tips, and Guidelines

What’s up, guys? This is Sunil from 3rd-year Mechanical like to welcome you all for this awesome tech fest called Techtitude 2K17. You all must have seen the agenda while registering for the event, but let me tell you that that’s not it. We have kept a lot of surprises for you guys. You are going to have a full-fledged carnival experience out here. So, are you guys ready for it? Okay then let’s get started.

First, let me tell you what’s going to happen in the next 2 days. For the first day of the tech fest, we have Robocon, Hackathon and Code Runners. In the other half of the first day, we will have a fashion show and dance performances from various teams across the participating colleges.

The second day will start with a debate on current topics like Demonetisation, Donald Trump’s Victory. Do you find the second little boring? Well, it’s not, Why? Two minutes back I said we have surprises for you guys. We will be receiving a celebrity for the last segment. So, you guys keep guessing who it will be. We are running a twitter competition for the same question. If you guess the guest celebrity correct, you stand chance to win a prize. Now let me tell you how we are going to end this event. Any guesses? We have DJ Suketu for DJ night.

Introduction for Robocon Event

Well, guys, this is not just another Robocon. You are going to see some serious s**t. We have a battleground for robots where the participants will fight with their robots. One who destroys other’s robot completely will proceed in the competition and there will be 1 ultimate winner out of these 8 participating teams. We are also putting it live on YouTube and Facebook. You can use a twitter handle #robocon2K17 for tweeting your comments.

This is a sample welcome speech to welcome all at the start of the technical festival. Later, you will be having all these different kinds of events hosted differently. So, I am not giving you a script for each of these events. You should learn a pattern from this sample script and implement the same for other performances and acts.

So, what should you take away from this sample technology festival script? First, you got to be funny, creative and active. You need to engage with your audience, speak to them. This way they will connect with you and the event. You need to make them curious about the activities. Add some hidden surprises, impromptu games and challenges type of events. Try to keep them on the campus for a longer time, the end of the day that you want.

So best of luck guys, have a great tech fest. If this article helped you in any sense, then don’t forget to comment down there in the comment box and don’t forget to rate the article if this anchoring script for technical festival helped you. Thank you. You can learn more about it here.

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