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Anchoring Speech Script for Song Performance in English, Hindi, Marathi

Anchoring Speech Script for Song Performance in English, Hindi, Marathi

Last time we wrote about anchoring script for various dance performances, competitions, and shows. What we observed that we were getting search hits for keywords like “anchoring script for song performance” or “anchoring for the song” etc. But we wrote an article for dance welcome scripts so information is not relevant to the searched topic. Then I browsed the internet for respective information but there is no single article written for Song performance anchoring speech or scripts. So, we decided to write one. Here is our take on it.

Here in India we have dozens of dance forms and the same is the story for songs; we have everything from classical to Bollywood songs. Songs can be performed by the solo artist, in duet form. Then we have group singing performances, choirs, orchestra, music concerts, Jugalbadi and what not.

Why I am telling you all these different types of songs or music setting because each of them has its flavor, history, and substance. And there cannot be a single way to introduce them on the stage. You got to understand types of song and its sentiment to make the awesome introduction of the song in your anchoring script. Here we are trying to cover a few welcome notes for selected songs or music types.

You try to learn a pattern out of it and try it on your own. If you come up with awesome song anchoring script, then kindly share it in the comment box so that others can get helped through it. Knowledge Sharing is awesome, isn’t it?

Anchoring script for Solo Bollywood Song

Well, Bollywood classic songs are here to stay. This song is there for more than 40 years but it still catches the attention of today’s generation. This is the cult song from legendary Kishor Kumar, king of Bollywood music. Any guesses? It’s a guitarist favorite song. Any guesses? ……. Yes, you are right. it is “Nile Nile Ambar Pe Chaand Jab Aaye”. Please welcome our very own Rockstar Mohit presenting the song with a modern touch of flamenco. Give a big round of applaud for Mohit.

Learning: to introduce this legendary Bollywood classic song, I searched the information about the song. Who sang it, who was music director, actors, movie name and year. Then I learned that it’s is a flamenco genre which is a western form of music. Then I collected some information about imaginary singer Mohit. Once I have this information I can easily write an anchoring script to welcome the singer.

Anchoring Script for Hip-Hop Song (Ladki Beautiful, Kar Gayi Chul)

Well, DJ Wale Babu Badshah rocked the charts with this song. You simply cannot stop moving with this song, the groove is just awesome. Tonight, Magiek Band gonna set you in the groove one more time. Please welcome none other than Prateik and this group. Guys put the stage on the fire.

Anchoring script for Classical Songs (Jugalbandi Fusion)

We are Indians after all. We love rap music, hip-hop, reggae and we love classical and ghazals too. Tonight, Jasraj and Aamir going to perform jugalbandi that you will remember for a long time.

We have Jasraj, hardcore classical music lover having a Ph.D. in Indian Classical Music and he is accompanied by a man with soothing voice Aamir. I, myself don’t know what to expect from this unexpected jugalbandi. Let’s hear it out.

ग़ज़ल के लिए स्वागत स्क्रिप्ट (हिंदी में )

ज़िन्दगी की भाग दौड़ में कभी कभी कुछ पल का ठहराव भी जरूरी होता है| औए ग़ज़ल से जादा शानदार और रूहदार चीज़ और क्या हो सकती हैं| तालियों के साथ स्वागत कीजिये अमन का जो आज पेश कर रहें श्री जगजीत सिंह जी की एक मशहूर ग़ज़ल| अगर आपका मन “क्या बात है ” बोलने का मन करे तो रोकियेगा नहीं|

लावणी साठी एंकरिंग स्क्रिप्ट

“झूमके, ठुमके .. लटके .. झटके .. तीखी मिर्ची लाई हूँ …मैं कोल्हापूर से आयीं हूँ “. माधुरीने हे गान गाजवल होत आणि आज हे हिंदी लावणी गान घेवून येत आहे पुण्याची सुप्रिया मोरे.



We have so many types of songs and music so we just cannot have a single anchoring script formula. You got to collect information about the song, its popularity, and its sentiment. Then use appropriate language to introduce them on stage. One more important thing is your (anchor’s) confidence and attitude or says swag. You can add your own creativity into it.

If this article helped you in any sense for preparing your anchoring script for song performances, shows and competitions then let us know in comments.

Types of Music or Songs in India

To start with our Indian music basically is of two major forms, Hindustani music, and Carnatic music. Hindustani music is mostly practiced in mid and north regions of India and Carnatic music is mainly practiced in southern India. Then we have various other forms of music and songs influenced by regional sentiments like Bhangra, Lavani, Dandiya, Bihu, Rajasthani, Qawwali, Folk music, Gazal, Rabindra Sangeet, Bhajan, Thumri, Sufi, Odissi, Lokgeet, Bhaav Geet and what not.

Then we have Indian pop and Indian rock, hip hop music which is influenced by western music culture. Nowadays Rapping and hip hop is very famous in Bollywood. We also see Jazz, Blues, Western Classical, Reggae influence over Indian music and songs.

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