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Teachers Day 2019 Anchoring Script, Welcome Speech, Quotes

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Teachers are no doubt the supporting pillars of our society. A teacher dedicates his whole life to teaching students and shaping their future. On 5th September 2019, we all are going to celebrate Teachers Day in our schools and colleges. I am sure you and your friends must have made some amazing plans to celebrate the teachers day and you got the job to perform the anchoring script for the teachers day and you have to make sure you find the best anchoring script for teachers day celebration event.

Don’t worry buddy! You are at the right place. Consider your job done. In this article, you’ll get a sample anchoring script and welcome speech for teachers day in simple yet effective English language. This anchoring script will help you for national teachers day as well as World Teachers Day which is celebrated globally on 5 October every year. I have used some good quotes and lines in the anchoring script so that you can mesmerize your audience with your anchoring.

I am sure this anchoring speech script, as well as the welcome speech for the Teachers Day event celebration, will definitely help you to impress your audience and teachers too. So let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Teachers Day 2019 Celebration, Welcome Speech

Most of the time welcome note/address is delivered by the head of school or a teacher. If in case this responsibility is also with you, following welcome speech can help you. If you have a chief guest for the event, make sure that you have the right information about him/her. Take their permission to reveal information about their work, achievements, roles, etc.

गुरु ब्रम्हा गुरु विष्णू, गुरुः देवो महेश्वरा.
गुरु शाक्षात परब्रम्हा, तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

A guru is the Bramha who creates knowledge, Guru is Vishnu who sustains the knowledge and the guru is Shiva who destroys the darkness of ignorance. I salute such a great guru. 

Good morning everyone, our respected Principal sir, all the loving teachers, and my dear friends. Today we are gathered here to celebrate this amazing day to honor the noblest profession in the world. Today we are here to celebrate and honor the generous contribution of the teachers to society and mankind. Today on the auspicious day of teachers day we will thank all the teachers in this school and in the whole world.

<You can also tell the story of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, in the welcome speech. You can also use famous quotes about teachers in welcome speech and add some decorative explanation to the quotes, find such a list of such quotes at the end of the article.>


Let’s start today’s event by evoking the God of Excellence and good beginnings, Lord Ganesha by Ganesh Vandana by our students with their amazing voice.  Here is the separate anchoring script for Ganesh Vandana for various events.

*After the Ganesh Vandana *

I would like to welcome Mrs. Swati Singh, she is a mathematics professor at Delhi University. She is also an active member of the Central Education Committee, where she had taken a major role in rural education development activities. I would like to welcome her to the podium to share her experience and guidance. Please welcome Mrs. Singh with a big round of applaud.

Now it would be amazing if our loving Principal sir would enlighten us with his/her thoughts and views about the teachers day. Give a big round of applause for Mr. XYZ. He is a great teacher, who loves teaching and every student enjoys his presence in the class.

Thank you so much, Principal sir, for your guidance and such lovely words. We will always remember your advice and will try to live by it. Students are always inspired by teachers and Gurus and some of such students are going to present their thoughts and views. Students from junior classes are going to talk about their favorite teacher and students from higher classes are going to talk about the importance of a guru in our lives

Thank you so much, guys, for such amazing thoughts. You showed us the various perspectives of the life of a teacher. Now XYZ student will present the vote of thanks to thanking each and everyone who is responsible for the successful completion of this teachers day event. Now I would leave the stage for XYZ. Thank you, everyone. 


The Vote of thanks speech script for Teachers Day will help you if you’re going to present the vote of thanks at the end of the event or else you can recommend it to your friend or someone who is going to present the thank you note at the end of the teachers day event.

*The XYZ presents the Vote of thanks*  Here’s our guide to writing the best anchoring scripts for any event.

Some Best Tips for Teachers Day Anchoring Script 2019

Teachers day is the day, to celebrate and honor the great selfless contribution of the teachers to build a better society, by providing knowledge. The day is to thank your teachers for their efforts and work. So make sure the way you speak is humble and grateful.

Maintain a polite yet interesting tone in your speaking. Throw in some famous lines and quotes from well-known people (find the list of famous quotes you can use at end of this article). Recite some lines of poems about teachers if you can, make sure the poem is relevant and you understand the meaning of it (Don’t be a Chatoor).

The language in which you are going to deliver the anchoring script depends on the audience in your school or college. If you are in an English speaking school then you can do entire anchoring in English. But most schools in India has students with a mixture of different languages. So make good use of English and local language in your anchoring script. Here is the Essay or Speech on Teachers Day that will definitely help you with your anchoring script for teachers day.

Speech on Teachers’ Day 2019 in Video Format

How awesome would it be if you could just hear someone delivering this exact speech right? Well, here it is. The following video contains this whole speech on teachers day in audio-video format. This video will help you understand the pronunciation of various words as well as where to pause, stop and about the voice variation. If you like the videos

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Famous Quotes on Teachers and Teacher’s day 2019

  • Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the  world – Malala Yousafzai
  • To the world, you may be just a teacher but to your students, you are a HERO.
  • Teachers are the only people who lose sleep over other people’s children.
  • The future of the world is in my classroom today.
  • Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.

30 Second WhatsApp Status Video for Teachers’ Day 2019

Here is a short 30 seconds WhatsApp status video for 5 September Teachers’ Day. You can put this WhatsApp status video on your WhatsApp story, Instagram story or Facebook story too. This teachers’ day WhatsApp status video can also be shared in WhatsApp groups as well as with your contact list.

I hope this Welcome Speech and Anchoring Script helps you for a successful anchoring of the teachers day event. If you liked this article then please Rate this article with 5 stars and let us know in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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