Annual Day Function Anchoring Speech Script for School, College in English

Anchoring Speech Script for Annual Day Function for School in English

Annual day is one of the important days for school and college students and authorities. On an annual day, schools or colleges celebrate their school’s or college’s success by gathering together. They share student’s, teacher’s and staff’s achievements for the last year. Generally, this celebration includes cultural programs like dance and singing performance. Schools or colleges invite the eminent chief guests from administrative fraternity like trustees or local politician from education ministry or from local government bodies.

annual day function anchoring script for teachers in english 2019

Annual Day Function Anchoring Speech Script

If you are searching for an annual day function anchoring speech script for your school or college (or some call it Compering Script), then you are at right place. Here in this article, we are giving you a sample anchoring speech script which will include anchor’s or host’s part and school’s annual day report speech.  You can use this script even if it is a purely annual cultural day program.

Generally, students host the event and principal present the school’s annual day report. We have also written an article for school or college authorities which tells you “How to write School or College Annual Day Report“. In that article, we have explained what should be added to the annual day report and its format. Please note that it’s a sample format. You can make changes in it as per your requirement like you can add some funny jokes in between and make the best version of it.  So, let’s start with annual day function anchoring speech script.

Note: Here we have written another post for school cultural day anchoring speech script, you can check that too.

Anchoring Script Annual Day

Welcome Speech

Anchor 1 – Good morning everyone, it is my honor to welcome you all on this day where we will be celebrating our school’s / college’s achievements. I <anchor 1> along with my co-host <anchor 2> welcome you all on behalf of <Your school name> family. We are truly blessed with your presence.

Anchor 2 -Please have a big round of applause for our chief guest Mr. Srujit Sharma, he is a state education minister; he has done tremendous work in the field of education. He represented India in the South Asian Education Summit. Along with him please welcome our very own principal madam Mrs. Sharmila Shashtri.

Here are other examples of welcome note of annual day function

I <Your Name>, heartily welcome you to <number>th annual day function celebration of <School/College Name>. A very good evening ladies and gentlemen, a galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, honored guest, teachers and all my dear friends.

This is the time we all are waiting for, so without further ado, I <Your Name> take pride and honor welcoming you all to this evening of cultural extravaganza. Let us see together a colorful rainbow of programs unfold. Find out How to Give Best Welcome Speech?

annual day anchoring script for school college student in english 2019

Lamp Lightning Ceremony on Annual Day Celebration

Anchor 1 -I would like to welcome our chief guest Mr. Sharma and Principal madam on stage for lamp lighting. Dear Sir and Madam please grace us with your presence on the podium.

<While guest lighting the lamps>

Anchor 2 -With this lamp lighting we like to thank goddess of knowledge for blessing us. We hope she bless us with more and more success in school and further in life.

Another example:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. – Let us wish this light of education takes over the darkness of differences, injustice, and violence in the world and guide us towards progress, equality, and freedom.

<Lamp lighting ceremony finished>

Ganesh Vandana or Swagat Geet

< A lot of schools start the event with Ganesh Vandana / Prayer or Swagat Geet>

Now I would like to welcome our singing group who will be performing Ganesh Vandana / Welcome song. Please welcome them.

<Ganesh Vandana Ends>

Chief Guest Speech for Annual Day Celebration

<Now ask your chief guest to speak few words on your school annual day and his experiences>

I would like to invite <Chief Guest> to grace us with his/her thoughts and experiences. Please welcome <Chief Guest> on the podium with a big round of applaud.

<Speech Ends>

<Now it’s time to present a school or college annual report. Most of the time principal or department HOD will present the annual report. > If it a purely cultural program then invite principal/HOD/Dean to for their speech.

Now, I would like to request our principal madam to present <your school name> annual report.

Principal’s Annual Day Celebration Report Speech

Principal / Director / Teacher Speech- Good Morning all, I would like to welcome all esteemed guests, teachers, staff and our lovely students. We are blessed to have you all here today.

<Your School Name> is considered one of the best school in the <City name> not only for its results but for its culture too. And I feel very proud to be part of such an amazing institution. Here in our school, we don’t just focus on academics but we try to teach things which will help our student to be good citizens and good individuals too.

Without taking too much of the time, I will be quickly sharing the achievements of the school, teachers, and students. I must tell you we have very talented students, here are their achievements.

<Share all the achievements, awards to students, distribute prizes. Same way, share the teacher’s and staff’s updates, training program information and other achievements. Check this article to learn How to Write School / College Annual Day Report / Speech>

<After this there will be different kind of performance from students or sometimes from teachers too>

Dance Performance

Anchor 1 – Now please welcome “Sanskriti Dance Group” on stage. They are a group of 10 members of class 8 and 9 showing us their dance skill in this indo-western fusion form. Please…. Welcome ……… them… with a big round of applaud.

Anchoring Speech to introduce Various Dance Performances

Song performance

Anchor 2 -After that breath-taking dance performance let us soothe our ears with mesmerizing voice Priyanka who will be singing one of best of great Lataji Mangeshkar. She hasn’t told us the song. She wanted to keep it as a surprise. Please welcome Priyanka on Stage.

<Like this present other performance >

Prize Distribution

Don’t we have great talent in our school/college? It was a tough call for our juries to decide the winners.  Now I would like to invite the principal/chief guest on the stage for the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Prize Distribution Anchoring Speech Script


There will be one who will get the first prize but here everyone is a winner. You all took over your inhibitions and presented your talent in front of such a big and amazing audience. Let’s have a big round of applaud for all participant in all categories.

Vote of Thanks

With this ceremony, we are concluding the <School Name>Annual day function. We would like to thank you all again for your gracious presence. Your presence made this day for us.

Kindly note that we have arranged the snack and tea for guests and teacher in the staff room. For students, the snack arrangement is done at the canteen. Please maintain disciple in the canteen.

With this, we are concluding the <School name> annual day function.

You can use a funny or motivational quote at the end as per your need to make it more appealing.

Vote of Thanks for School, College Annual Day Function & Famous Quotes for Vote of Thanks, for Expressing Gratitude

Tips for Annual Day Function Anchoring Speech

  • Please note that no one can give you a perfect ready-made anchoring script speech which will tick all the points. Because, each school/college, it’s the environment, conduct, management, teachers, students are different. There is basic structure for a script but you need to add your touch, experiences, insider jokes to make it relevant or else it will sound boring and your audience will simply ignore what you read from a ready-made script. So, be creative.
  • Most of the events will have a co-anchor, do not force in dialogues for him/her. The conversation between anchors should feel genuine and it should travel the program ahead. Do not have a co-host just for sake of it.
  • Remember that your audience is your priority. The first row is very important so is the remaining audience too.
  • Add your own personality to the speech.
  • If your school/college is too strict and formal then best of luck read a ready-made script like robot 🙁
  • Annual Day function is about the School’s annual report. Try to give more time for sharing the achievement than performances.
  • Be confident while delivering the annual day speech. Practice your anchoring speech script in front of a mirror.
  • Do not mug up and read from the script. Understand the overall function and speak from the heart.
  • Collect correct information about the chief guest and take their permission before introducing them to the audience.
  • You can use this anchoring speech script for reference for free. But we would request you to add your own ideas to it.

If you are looking for anchoring script for Independence Day India on 15th August 2018, then these following articles will definitely help you do it.

Tips, Guidelines for writing The best anchoring script for any event

Speech on Independence Day of India 15th August 2018

Note: You can copy or download the script, improve it, add your own style, make a PDF of it if you like. If you are looking for annual day function comparing script speech in other languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi etc then simply translate the English content given here. You can take help of Google to translate too. Here also you need to add your local language flavor and funny inside jokes etc. Follow the link to find our post on Hindi anchoring script for annual day function.

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