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Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Graduation Day with Welcome Speech

Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Graduation Day 2018

A human being is always a student for his/her whole life. We keep learning from various things around us Education is one of the most respected things in India and around the world. Starting from the kindergarten to the Ph. D. our academic education keeps flourishing. Kindergarten is the first step of the education ladder. And when kids complete their kindergarten education then they are graduated. Hence we have written this anchoring script for kindergarten graduation day ceremony, an annual day with a welcome speech.

You must be a kindergarten teacher or you are somehow related to kindergarten education. It is great that your school is planning to celebrate the graduation day of kindergarten students.  As you are looking for the anchoring script for kindergarten graduation ceremony means you are given the responsibility of performing the anchoring at the graduation program.  Don’t worry! We are here to help you. But before that let me tell you that you are doing such an amazing work of shaping the minds of the future citizens of our society by educating them. It’s a very noble work and we thank you for that.

Now coming back to work, in this article we have given you the sample anchoring/compering speech script which will help you to host the graduation ceremony. The anchoring script for kindergarten graduation day contains script for welcoming the graduating students, chief guests, teachers and Principal, the introduction and schedule of the program and various events like prayer, Lamp lighting ceremony, speech of chief guest, principal, teachers , students,  pledge, oath, invocation songs,  dance performances, distribution of the certificates,  vote of thanks etc. Now, let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Graduation Day, Annual Day, with Welcome Speech

Good morning everyone, Honourable chief guests, respected principal all the teachers and the students. Today I feel immensely happy and proud at the same time that we have gathered here to congratulate these little wonders on their graduation day. The man’s journey of learning never stops. All of our lives we keep learning from the things around us. We are gathered here today to celebrate that spirit of learning. I would like to welcome our chief guest Mr. XYZ, Our respected and loving Principal Mr. ABC, all the teachers, parents, and all the graduating students. Your presence has filled the atmosphere with joy. Sample welcome speech script.

(In most the school/college function they do Ganesh Vandana / Welcome Song / Sarasvati Puja/lamp lightning etc; so if you have those programs lined up, kindly add them to the anchoring script.)

Now I would like to call our chief Guest Mr. XYZ to come upon the stage and guide us with their precious world. A big round of applause for him/her!

*Chief Guest Speech* —> Kindergarten Graduation Day for Chief Guest

Thank you so much, Mr. XYZ, for such heartwarming and inspiring words. Now I would like to request our loving Principal Mr. ABC to bless us with their world.

*Principal Speech* —> Kindergarten Graduation Day for Principal

 Thank you so much, Mr. ABC, for such inspiring words. You always motivate us to work even harder. Now I would like to call anyone from our teachers to express their thought for the Day.

*Teacher Speech* —> Kindergarten Graduation Day for Teachers

Thank you much Mr. PQR for expressing your thoughts.  Now I would like to call anyone from the parents to share their thoughts.

*Parents Speech* —> Kindergarten Graduation Day for Parents

Thank you so my Mr. LMN. That was really nice of you. 

Children are the symbol of innocence, love, and happiness. And to spread that happiness, now I would like to call on stage a group of our students who will be giving a dance performance for all of us. Welcome them with big applause. Take help from How to introduce various dance performances.

*Dance End*

That was just amazing! Great efforts! Thank you much for such a lovely performance. Now its time the moment we all are waiting. The graduation certificate ceremony! I will out the name of the students one by one. He/she have to come to the stage and receive the certificate and a little gift from us.

*Certificate distribution Ends*

It feels so great to handover these certificates to these children who are going to to be the future of society and nation. Let’s wish them in their journey of learning ahead. It’s time to bid them goodbye. Now I would like to call Mr./ Ms. PQR to present the vote of thanks for the program. 

*Thanking Everyone* —> Vote of Thanks for Kindergarten Graduation Day

Famous Quotes for Vote of Thanks, for Expressing Gratitude

So this was the anchoring script for the kindergarten graduation day ceremony or program. I hope it helps you in your works. This anchoring script can also be useful for pre-kindergarten graduation day and homeschool kindergarten graduation day. Now here are some tips to make your anchoring for the graduation ceremony perfect.

Tips for Anchoring the Kindergarten Graduation Day Event

  • Most of the audience will be children. The attention span of the children is very short so keep your script short yet interesting and funny to keep them engaged. You can use jokes, poems, quotes in between your script.
  • The children won’t probably understand the big fancy words, so keep your script simple yet interesting.
  • Congratulate the students enthusiastically.
  • Appreciate the efforts of everyone in the vote of thanks.
  • Tell a story or two to keep them engaging.
  • Give them an activity to participate.

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