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Best Anchoring Script for Independence Day Function for Students

Anchoring Script for Independence Day for Celebration in School, College

Independence day is around the corner and everybody is very excited to celebrate the freedom of India on 15th August 2020. Schools, colleges and educational institutes across India organize various events, celebration function, programs on the day. You are here because you have given the responsibility of hosting the function in your school and you are looking for a best yet simple anchoring script for Independence day celebration in English.

In this article, we have given you the best anchoring script for Independence Day, this anchoring or compering script includes the welcome speech to welcome the guests in the event, and the vote of thanks speech for closing the event, and thanking everyone for attending the function. I hope the compering script will help you to host the celebration. So, let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Independence Day

Good morning everyone. I am Ajay Chavan and I would like to welcome all of you to the Independence Day of India Celebration program in our school. I feel so happy today to be able to stand here and host this patriotic program.

Thousands of freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the independence of India. Their names will always be written in the golden letters in the history of India. Their sacrifices make India free from the British rule on 15th August 1947. I salute all those freedom fighters and would like to officially start today’s program.

Welcome Speech

Before going forward, I would like to welcome everyone to today’s function. It is an honor to have all of you coming together to celebrate the freedom of India.

First of all, I would like to welcome our Chief guests, Mr. Sitaram Pawar. Mr. Sitaram is a veteran ex-army officer who served our country for 35 years. He dedicated his life to serving the nation and securing the country from the enemy. I welcome you, sir, to the program. Please accept this memento and flowers to receive our welcome. Our Principal Mrs. Shirke ma’am will welcome Mr. Pawar sir by giving the memento and flowers. Please have a big round of applause for him.

Now I would like to welcome our respected Principal Mrs. Shirke ma’am to receive the flowers and our welcome. I would like to welcome all the teachers, parents, citizens and all the students to the Independence day 2020 program.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

I would like to welcome our chief guest Mr. Pawar and our Principal Mrs. Shirke ma’am to come on stage for the lamp lighting ceremony. Dear sir and madam please grace us with your presence of the stage.

Darkness cannot remove the darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot destroy hate, only love can do that. Let this light of education take over the darkness of ignorance, injustice, differences, and violence in the world and guide us towards progress, equality, and freedom. With this lamp lighting, we thank the goddess of knowledge for blessing us.

Ganesh Vandana / Swagat Geet / Welcome Song

Now I would like to welcome the singing group from our school to sing the Ganesh Vandana / Swagat Geet / Welcome Song. With this Ganesh Vandana song, we worship Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom to bless us with his grace. Let’s welcome the singing group on the stage. Song Finishes Thank you, everyone. That was a really calming song. Please, let’s have a big round of applause for them. Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in English, Hindi, Marathi

Chief Guest Speech

Now I would like to call Mr. Pawar sir to come on stage and share his journey as an army officer. He spent 35 years in the Indian Army as a Lieutenant General and retired recently. A soldier has to sacrifice many precious moments of his life to serve and protect the country from the enemies.

He spent so many years away from his loved one to protect our Bharat Mata. This kind of sacrifice can be made by only a soldier who is dedicated to serving the nation.  Please have a big round of applause for him.

The chief guest’s speech ends.

Thank you so sir for sharing your journey, life experiences and knowledge with us. I had goosebumps when you told us about when your battalion fought with the intruders on the border. Thank you so much.

We, students, are the future citizens of India. We may or may become a soldier but we promise you to be an ideal citizen and respect the sacrifices you made for our country. You are the true heroes of our country.

Patriotic Song, Dance Performance

Everyone has a different way of expressing their love towards their country. So sing and some dance. Here, I would like to welcome fusion group to perform a dance performance on the song “Rang De Basanti”. Please welcome them with a great round of applause. Dance Ends.

Now I would like to welcome Nisha Awasthi, to sing a song. She is going to sing “Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo” by Lata Mangeshkar Ji. This song has always been close to our hearts. Please welcome Nisha with big applause. (Here is a detailed anchoring script for Dance and Song performances.)

Vote of thanks for Closing Ceremony

Hello everyone, respected chief guests, Principal, teachers, parents, and my dear friends. I am here to present the vote of thanks for today’s independence day program in our school. I feel honored to stand here and thank all of you to be here and bless the program with your presence.

I would like to thank Mr. Pawar sir for being here. Your presence made us understand the level of sacrifice and dedication a soldier makes for our country. Thank you so much.

I would like to thank our Principal Mrs. Shirke ma’am for guiding us to make this program successful. All the teachers guided us on every step to make this program successful. Thank you so much. All the parents present here, I would like to share our gratitude with you. Thank you so much for being here.

Students are the future citizens of the society and hence I would like to thank every student present here for attending the event and cooperating with us. I also like you thank students committees, organizing teams and volunteers. Without you, this event would not have been so successful.

Koi Bhi Desh Perfect Nahin Hota, Use perfect Banana Padata Hai

I am proud to be an Indian but are we the best country? Today we are suffering from problems like corruption, terrorism, high pollution, unemployment, lack of sanitation, poverty and many other problems. Governement is doing its work to face these problems. But in order to destroy them, we need to work hand in hand with the government.

On this independence day, let’s take a pledge to be a good citizen and do your bit of contribution to a greater India. Thank you so much, everyone, for being here. I would like to take your leave. Jay Hind, Jay Bharat. ( You can find Detailed Vote of thanks for Independence Day Celebration Ceremony. ) here. You must check the tips for anchoring scripts too. Lets us know if this article helped you.

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