Anchoring Script

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in English, Hindi, Marathi

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in English, Hindi, Marathi

||Shri Ganesha|| Let me start my article with “Shri Ganesha”. A lot of people pray or perform Ganesh Vandana before starting the event or important task. You might have seen it in home welcome Poojas, new office Poojas and even in schools and college events, competitions like an annual day, cultural day. Why do people start the events with Lord Ganesha prayer or Ganesh Vandana?

You as a host of the given event wants to know the anchoring script for Ganesh Vandana. What does that mean? How to call in participants or singers for Ganesh Vandana? How to elaborate on the importance of Ganesh Vandana? Here we are trying to give an answer to these questions only.

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in English, Hindi, Marathi

Let’ start with the basics. First question what is Ganesh Vandana? “Vandana” means “praising” or “surrender”, so Ganesh Vandana means praising Lord Ganesha or to surrender to him. So, that, he clears all obstacles coming over the path.

There are a couple of Hindu mythological legend behind it. Some say because Lord Ganesh earn it by defeating Lord Kartikeya and some say Lord Shiva blesses him with this. Some even say Lord Ganesha is a symbol of knowledge and he is also called as “Vighnaharta (विघ्नहर्ता)” means one who clears the obstacles in the path.

To conclude we can say that, every one whether it’s an individual, school, college or any other institution want their journey, projects, the career should prosper and they don’t see any obstacles in the path. That is why people pray or sing Ganesh Vandana before starting events.

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in English

Now, we will start the event with Ganesh Vandana. We pray to Lord Ganesha that he makes this event successful and bless us. We request him to grace us so that this event completes without any obstacles. Now, allow me to welcome a “Sanskriti Singing Group” to stage.  Anchoring Script for Cultural Event, Festival in School, College

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in Hindi – गणेश वंदना

चलिये इस कार्यक्रम की शुरवात करते हैं गणेश वंदना के साथ| हम भगवान गणेश से प्राथना करते हैं की यह कार्यक्रम बिना रुकावट पर हो जाए| मैं स्टेज पे बुलाना चाहूँगा मिताली को, मिताली हमारे स्कूल की सबसे अच्छी गायिका है | गणेश वंदना के धून के ऊपर हमारा हिन्द डांस ग्रुप परफॉर्म करेगा| धर्मेश सर ने इस नृत्य की कोरियोग्राफी की है | तालियों के साथ स्वागत कीजिये मिताली और हिन्द डांस ग्रुप का|

Anchoring Script for Ganesh Vandana in Marathi – गणेश वंदना

चला आज या कार्यक्रमाची सुरवार करूया गणरायाच्या पूजनाने, आपल्या बाप्पा कड़े मागणे मागु की हां कार्यक्रम सुरळीत पार पड़ो. हे विघ्नहर्ता या कार्यात कुठलेही विघ्न येऊ देऊ नकोस. प्रियंका शेलार आज गणेश वंदना गाणार आहे आणि सुकन्या त्यावरती नृत्य करणार आहे. टाळ्यांच्या गजरात स्वागत करा प्रियंका आणि सुकण्याचे.

Sometimes participants perform a dance with singing in such events. In that case, you need to introduce both singing and dancing participants.

Resources for Ganesh Vandana

Famous Songs: Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Gauri Tanaya Sung by Shankar Mahadevan; Music Directors: Ajay Atul

Classical Dance: from Meghranjani Medhi 

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