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Most of the events like annual function, cultural college cultural fest, farewell party and others follow a typical, formal anchoring speech format. In informal events, anchors can bring in creative ways to host the event. For this post, we will keep in mind a formal arrangement but little twist of informal approach.

Any event generally divided into a couple of sections. Events start with a welcome note, (Ganesh Vandana), welcome song or dance, chief guest speech then later section you generally introduce various acts, games etc. At the end, you host prize distribution and guest felicitation. Here are some tips and guidelines for each section for any type of anchoring speech.

Welcome Note

You will be the first person on the stage. You may get a co-anchor to host the event. You have a big responsibility here as an anchor, you will be setting the tone for the event. I personally, don’t like mugged up, unrelated speech. It simply doesn’t connect with the audience. Whatever you are doing it is for entertaining your audience, If they are not going to like a typical anchoring format then you should not do it. Place yourself in audience shoes and judge yourself. I understand that sometimes you don’t get complete freedom to do it your way, college authorities may not allow an informal way of hosting event. In this situation, you can take best of both worlds.

Try to keep your welcome note short, relevant. It is not compulsory to use quotes, poems, and shayaries. You can use them if they are relatable and if you can build a story around it. Most of the time in Indian events next part will be Ganesh Vandana or Saraswati Puja and diya ceremony where chief guest will come up on the stage and light the candles or samai lamp. Then chief guests will deliver their note, try to have short chief guest speech or else your audience will get bored. After that, you will be giving an overall idea of the day, and then introduce first act or performance.


In this part of the event, you will be mostly doing announcements and introductions. Try to cheer up the audience before the performance, that helps the participants.


Once all games, shows, acts and performance completed you need to declare the results. Later you will felicitate the chief guest, other honorable members, and event sponsors. You can take a chance to thank your event organizing team and volunteers.

At end of the show, you must close the event formally and let us know audience about exit routes and transportation arrangement if any.


  1. Never Copy Paste anchoring script. Follow basic template but the real content should come from you only. You know your college, audience their personas, you only can entertain them.
  2. Never mug up the script, the audience will catch you in 30 seconds. They will not connect to it and they will not respond. Just let your heart do it.
  3. Don’t fake humour. It should be in your personality. You cannot fake it. If you are not a funny person, then take a co-host who can do it.

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