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Anchoring Script for Cultural Event in School, College Students

Cultural Event Fest Anchoring Speech Script for Indian Colleges English

This is the season for cultural events, annual days, sports day in schools and colleges and even for tech fest and other types of college events. If you are the one who is given the responsibility to host one of such cultural events and if you’re searching for a sample anchoring script for cultural programs and tips regarding it then you are in right place. So, let’s get started.

Please note one thing that, no one can give you a perfect, ready-made anchoring script for your cultural day program. Yes, it’s true that one can give you basic structure or format, tips or sample script (like this post) but it will not tick all the points you are looking for. How can an outsider know the environment in your school/college, its culture, rules, insiders joke, and overall feel?. What others can give you is a reference or sample. You can use these references but you got to add your own touch to it. Kindly read the Tips section below for more on this.

Before starting the speech draft, ask yourself a question, who is your audience? Is it teachers? is it sponsors? Your answer should be school/college students. There are the ones who are going to enjoy the function, the ones to whom you should talk to, the ones who you should entertain. Knowing your audience always helps that way you can write your script better.

Now the second important thing the way of delivering the speech; formal or informal. I will suggest making it an informal event because college students are not going to enjoy the formal kind of anchoring speech. Now that we know 3 important points for this, let’s go ahead and write a sample anchoring script for a cultural event.

Anchoring Script for Cultural Event

I <Your Name>, heartily welcome you to <number>th cultural day function celebration of <School/College Name>. A very good evening ladies and gentlemen, a galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, honored guests, teachers, and all my dear friends.

<This is an informal welcome note, for a formal welcome note read our annual day script post>

I am Sunil from 3rd-year Mechanical. I welcome you all to our college Cultural Event. So, what’s all that you are going to see here in the next 2 days? Let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a carnival. There are lots of things lined up for you guys. From singing competition to debate to the dance to acts. This year we will host Tech Fest separately, this year it is going to a grand event, there will be 20 colleges representing their college in various competition themes.

<in most the school/college function they do Ganesh Vandana / Welcome Song / Sarasvati Puja/lamp lightning also; so if you have those programs lined up kindly add them into the script>

Before jumping into the program itself let me call in a chief guest Mr. Sharma on the stage. I request Mr. Sharma to speak a few words about the college and his experiences. Let’s have a big round of applaud for Sir/Madam.

<Likewise, call in other speakers too. Once you complete all the formal activities then jump to the fun part i.e. performances>

Also see National Science day Anchoring Script, Speech, Essay and Celebration Ideas. 

Introducing a Dance number

Let’s welcome the Hip Hop group of our college they will be entertaining us on the latest hip hop tracks. They were they are having lots of awesome Hip Hop tricks in the Arsenal. I believe they are going to make us jump on the floor. And do you know that this group has even participated in the famous TV show XYX Dance India? Guys give a big round of applause for Hip-Hopsters dance group. <after performance> That was eye-popping performance guys… You really rocked the stage.

Introducing singing performance

Now let’s welcome the sweetest voice I ever heard in my college life. She is just amazing. A girl with the voice of Shreya and flair of Shalmali. What an awesome combination. Isn’t it guys? I am dying to listen to her. A big round of applause for Supriya. She will be singing the title song from the movie Ishaqzaade.

<This way you can introduce different performances in your cultural program. Again, you need to be creative here. Each performer team or individual is different. You need to collect their information, achievements so that you spice up your script a bit more. And after finishing all these performances you will give a thank you speech/ vote of thanks or invite the principal for the same. In your thank you speech don’t forget to mention all the sponsors, organizing team and volunteers too. Here is a sample vote of thanks script.

Vote of Thanks for Cultural Event

That was the last performance of the day, I hope we are able to entertain you guys.

I would like to thank our sponsor XYZ, ABC who sponsored this event with a full heart. They also help us in marketing the event and doing the online ticketing for the event. Along with the sponsor so I’d like to thank the organizing team and special thanks to volunteers, you guys are the best.

I would also like to thank our chief guest, Mr. Sharma, for his valuable time. On that note, I would declare this event.

Travel arrangements are made for the teachers and staff and for the students who need travel arrangements kindly gather at the assembly area. Transportation will be arranged for you guys. Cul event

Thank you again, have a good night.

Note: We have written many different posts on different topics where we have given sample script, so I am not duplicating the same here. You can check these posts Anchoring Scripts English and Vote of Thanks

Tips for Cultural Events Anchoring Script

  1. Try to have an informal type of anchoring, that way you can connect with your audience and can have fun with them.
  2. Try to have short speeches from chief guest and principal or teachers. Your audience comes there for entertainment, not for 45 mins of speech.
  3. Always remember that college students are your audience, not the teachers. You should try to make the event a fun ride.
  4. It will be good if you have a co-host with you. With co-host, you can crack some things for your audiences. If there is no co-anchor then interact with the audience. In short, some sorta interaction is important.
  5. Do not force conversation with co-host, it should sound realistic and genuine.
  6. Take help from seniors who did the anchoring previous year or from friends from a different branch.
  7. If you are doing anchoring for the cultural fest or any program for that matter for the very first time then try to recite the anchoring script in front of the mirror or with friends. That’ll give you more confidence.

If you want more anchoring tips and guidelines regarding how to write the best anchoring script and event ideas,  kindly follow the given links. I hope you enjoyed the article if so don’t forget to comment.

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