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7 Fashion Accessories Every College Guy Should Have

fashion accesories for Indian Teen College boys

Going to college has never the same from last few years. Creating a style statement is a thing today. Every guy wanna look cool and handsome as well. Some of you guys might be thinking that only rich guys can afford the expensive watches, branded shoes, cool gadgets, and such stuff, but let me tell you guys, to look good you don’t need to have expensive stuff. You just need to know what looks good with what and what suits you.

In one of my previous articles, I gave some tips for college guys on how to look good. I explained the importance of accessories there because accessories play a crucial role in the success of your overall look. So let’s discuss some important accessories a college guy must have. I took out some time and researched and chose some  great accessories to buy online and don’t worry they are affordable with your pocket money. So, you can buy them from Amazon by clicking on the pictures. 


A nice metallic watch adds a layer to your personality and ultimately gives you the manly vibes. Have a nice metallic timepiece for your formal attire and a sporty watch to rock with your college look. If you are not fond of heavy metal watches then try some with leather belts (My personal favorites 😛 ) A watch with a leather belt helps you to achieve a classy as well as cool look. I will not recommend a typical formal or golden color watch.

Wrist Bands

The Wristbands along with watches give you a great look. I personally prefer leather bands over metallic ones because with metallic wrist bands you can have rashes due to sweating.


The sunglasses not only give you a cool look but they protect your eyes from sunlight, and dust too. I know we cannot afford brands like RayBan and Oakley but we can have nice shades with affordable price. A nice wayfarer or Aviator add a charm to your look. You can try the Clubmasters also.


I don’t know how many of you would like to wear lockets but I love to wear lockets especially the leather one, again for the same reason,rashes.



Some Occasional Accessories

Above accessories are must haves for a college-going guy. Following accessories are used occasionally for parties and get-togethers and similar occasions.

Neckties, Bowties & Suspenders

Gone are those days when the ties were worn by office-going men. Today ties have become the style statement. Skinny pencil-ties can be worn with casual attire. Bow ties give you a charming look while worn with suspenders. Keep one thing in mind never use suspenders when you are using a belt with your pants. Suspenders are worn to give support to your pants.


Accessories skinny tie

accessories bowties


There are some other accessories like Cufflinks, Lapel pins, Tie Bars, Pocket Squares but I don’t think they can be used frequently.

Be confident because that’s the best accessory a guy can wear.

Share with your buddies, because a true friend will never let his friend wear bad outfit. B-)

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