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8 Types of Teachers Every College Has

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College is the place where you spend most of your time.(either classroom or college canteen 😛 ). I still remember that my gang in class used to make fun of the teachers every minute. There’s always a thing about every teacher that comes in our mind whenever we think about them. It can be their funny accent, their enthusiasm for teaching, their discipline or simply their humorous way of teaching. I am bringing you 8 types of teachers we come across in our college life. I am sure you’ll picture that teacher whoever matches the description.

That One South Indian Teacher

Every college has that one south Indian teacher who pronounces ‘S’ as ‘yus’ and ‘M’ as ‘yum’. I am not stereotyping this, but common everyone agrees with this.


Huge Belly

There’s always one teacher with a huge belly and he wears his pants on his belly. Every time he does something we end up laughing.

The Hitler

You might have got the idea from the title itself. This teacher is damn serious about discipline.  No one utters a  word during his/her lecture.

 Zero Decibel Teacher

This teacher has so low voice that even the front-bencher cannot hear what he/ she is teaching and you just sit there trying to figure out what did he just say.

Timepass Teacher

This teacher talks about everything except the subject he is teaching. He starts with talking about the subject and ends up talking about how was his college life. This goes on till the lecture ends. We enjoy his lecture because we don’t have to learn those boring concepts in physics.

Lazy One

This teacher is lazier than us. He comes in the class, tell us to do whatever we were doing and teaches nothing. The best thing about this teacher is that we get the attendance doing nothing. 😀

Young and Cheerful

This teacher is always cheerful.  He teaches us  by engaging us in some interesting facts, jokes and stories. We enjoy and look forward his lectures. We can share things with him, that don’t share with other teachers. He excuses us for our mistakes. We love him.


Sarcastic Teachers

This teacher possesses a high level of sarcasm. He replies everything with humor and sarcasm. He succeeds to crack us up every time.

Teachers, no offense, give us valuable knowledge. No doubt in that. This is what we did to show what types of teachers are there. Share with your gang and let them know which teacher are you talking about. 😛

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