8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try

8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try

So you have a party tonight, and you are not sure what to wear because that cute little flab on your belly keeps saying Hello to everyone. That’s the story of every chubby guy in the world. Damn, is there any way I can look slimmer instantly for a party or a date. Maybe there are some ways maybe not. 😉 Let’s find out.

Every guy wants to look good even the chubby one like me. It’s a dream of any fat guy to look good without going to gym. Though it’s beneficial to work out regularly, it takes sufficient amount of time to lose weight. What if I told you could look slimmer in just few minute without any magic. You might be thinking what kind of sorcery is that. So let’s get slimmer with these few simple hacks.

Avoid Tight Clothes

It’s a good practice to wear clothes that fit you well but wearing way much tighter clothes will highlight your body parts like your belly, thighs, and hips and make you look bigger than you are. So hit it off with a pair of t-shirt and jeans that you are comfortable in.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Teenager loves hoodies, but in this case, try to avoid baggy hoodies and cargo pants. If you want to wear them then go for thin fabric hoody like this

Prefer Dark Colors

Simple fact- Black hides everything. The way our eyes notice bulges on a body is mainly due to light. Wearing clothes with dark colors will hide the details of your body and make you look way slimmer. Science Bi***!
8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try

V-necks over Turtlenecks

Good, news for t-shirt lovers! V-neck t-shirts withdraw attention from your chin area which looks slightly large and creates an illusion of a beautiful neckline. Avoid wearing turtlenecks makes your neck look short, and you might end up looking shorter than you are.
8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try

Rock a Straight Legs Pants

So you want to wear those slimy tapered pants like Howard Wolowitz Wears in The Big Bang Theory? Just Don’t! Wearing tapered jeans will make your upper body appear larger than your lower body. So you don’t want to look like an animated movie character with chicken legs.
8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try8 hacks to Look Slimmer Instantly – must try

Clothes with vertical lines

Vertical lines have a slimming effect on the body. They make you look slimmer, unlike the horizontal lines. So why not try a funky t-shirt with vertical lines and designs.

Maintain Right Posture

The way you carry yourself among the people pretty much determines how you look. So maintain a proper posture that will not highlight your larger body parts more upfront.

Carrying the Extra Stuff

I’m sure you like your PSP a lot, but it’s not cool to carry it around all the day. Also, the unnecessary stuff in your wallet like old business cards, bus/train tickets will make your wallet look puffy and ultimately make your pants look bulky.

TA DAAAAA !!! You look way slimmer now. Now go and turn some eyeballs to you in the party.

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