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6 Things Only a Backbencher Will Relate to


Well, backbenchers are considered as a group of the bada*s people in the class. Teachers, scholar classmates always call you names. But who cares!! You are the one who enjoys the college life to fullest. Here are the 6 things only you can understand like no other.

1. You are the one who arrange the mass bunks and never get punished for that. You always find some scapegoat for that.



2. You have mastered the art of sleeping in class with eyes wide open

Sleeping in lass


3. If you are a backbencher and dude, then you might be the crush of  a lot of chicks in class. They may not tell you but they do have a crush on you. (Especially the scholar ones)


4. Frontbenchers hate you because you get all girls attention and secretly they wanna be like you.



5. When you get selected in an on-campus interview you say– “Bhai kya ukhadaliya itna ghisake” to frontbenchers.

Take That


6. You get emotional if someone says good about backbenchers.


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