31 Brand Names We Use as Generic Terms

31 Brand Names We Use as Generic Terms

Why we use, we don’t know; it is like a habit. These 31 actual brand names we use in daily life as generic terms. Some of them are cancelled, abandoned and some are genericised due to overuse by common people.

1. Colgate for Toothpaste

Founded by William Colgate, brand owned by Colgate-Palmolive

2. Xerox for Photocopy

Brand owned by Xerox

3. Maggi for Noodles

Owner – Nestle

4. Cadbury for Sweetened Chocolates

Founded by John Cadbury, brand owned by Mondelēz International

5. Band-Aid for Adhesive Bandage

Owned by Johnson & Johnson

6. Bubble Wrap for Inflated Cushioning

Brand Owned by – Sealed Air Corporation

7. Scotch Tape for Clear Adhesive Tape

Owned by 3M

8. Sellotape for Cellulose based adhesive tape

Owner Henkel

9. Kerosene for Combustible Hydrocarbon Liquid

Owned by Abraham Genser

10. Thermos for Vacuum Flask

Owned by Thermos GmBH

11. Vaseline for Petroleum Jelly

Owned by Unilever

12. App and App Store

Claimed by Apple but later cancelled and abandoned respectively, as overuse as generic use

13. Velcro for Hook and Loop Fastener

Owned by Velcro Company

14. Walkman for Personal Stereo

Brand owned by Sony

15. Ziploc for Zipper Storage Bags

Owned by S.C Johnson & Son

16. Trampoline

Owned by Griswold-Nessen

17. Videotape

Owned by Ampex Corporation

18. Escalator for Moving Staircase

Owned by Otis Elevator

19. Frisbee for flying disks

Brand owned by Wham-O

20. Google for Search Engine

No need for Image

21. Hula hoop for Toy Hoop

Brand owned by Wham-O

22. Jacuzzi for Whirlpool Bath

Brand Owner – Jacuzzi

23. Jeep

Brand owner – Chrysler

25. Jet Ski for Stand-up Personal Watercraft

Brand owner – Kawasaki

26. Memory Stick

Owned by Sony

27. Post-it for Sticky Notes

Owned by 3M

28. PowerPoint PPT for Slideshow presentation

Owned by Microsoft

No need for image once again

29. JCB for Backhoe Loader

Owned by J.C. Bamford

30. Photoshop for Photo Editing

Owned by Adobe Systems

31. Tarmac for Asphalt Road

Owned by Tarmac Company

Reference – Wikipedia

Do you any other brand name that we use as common word? Let us know in comments.

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