17 Movie Poster Clichés You Got to See – Overused Design Patterns

Movie Poster Cliche overused design patterns
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All over the world movie posters are kinda same. Some say there are copied, inspired from Hollywood or from other places. There are some fixed designs when it comes to designing a movie poster.

1. Super Saturated Golden Yellow

It represents a big independent film

independent Movie Poster

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2. The Red Dress

Most common for RomComs

Red Dress Romantic Comedy

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3. Back Shot

A back shot of bad as* hero, wearing had or hood with weapon

Back shot lone hero super hero poster

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4. Big Eye

Horror Movies

Horror movie Big eye

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5. Sapphire backdrop with White Clouds or Moon

Typically for animal, birds based movies

Blue Ocean Animal movie poster

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6. Blindfolded Faces

Some injustice happened with hero

Blindfolded injustice

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7. Photo booth

Photobooth shot with big overlay text denotes he/she is the main character in the movie and the whole story is about him/her.

Photo booth with big text character centric

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8. Back to Back

Strange / tough love story

Hate Love Relationship Romantic Comedy Movie Poster

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9. Silhouette, Ocean & Clouds

Silhouette in front of ocean and faces floating in clouds. This got to be a serious and heart touching movie.

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10. Flames and Black & White

Action Flick

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11. Running Man

Running man in blue underscore then it is a suspense thriller

Running Man Blue Road Movie Poster

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12. In Bed

Bored Panda

13. Reflection in Sunglasses


14. The Bench

Public Bench


15. Sport Movies

Sports Movie Poster

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16. War Movies

War guns explosion

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17. Martial Arts

Kick, Swords, Dragon, Red, Teacher

Kick, Swords, Dragon, Red, Teacher, Karate , Martial Arts

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Let us know what do you think about these movie poster designs.

Do you know any Bollywood movie poster which fits in this cliche movie poster patterns?

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