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8 Tips For College Guys to Look Good

10 Tips to Look Good
10 Tips to Look Good

Almost every guy in college wants to look good and wants to get attention from his peers (you know what I mean.. from girls.. 🙂 ). Also, he does want to get noticed in the crowd. There’s nothing wrong in that. It’s a human tendency.

First of all, looking good isn’t necessarily about wearing branded clothes and riding expensive sports bikes. Your personality defines who you are and how you come out as a person. So let us help you with these 10 simple tips that you can use in daily college life.

1. Be Confident

Confidence is the best asset a man can own. Confidence gives you abilities to do things that you couldn’t even think of doing. So, get out of your shell and reach out to people. Talk with them. Do some self-analysis, what you like, your hobbies and all. This will surely boost your confidence and you will be able to express yourself more dynamically.

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Most of the engineering guys are known for not even taking bath daily, forget about their hygiene routine. (How we know? we’ve been there 🙂 ). But if you wanna be that guy who girls check out then brother you got to at least take a bath.

Let us talk about other human type species who is more hygienic than engineers (pun intended).

Keeping personal hygiene is very important. You don’t want to have body odor, right? So, bath daily (Guys who live in hostels, read this twice). Cut down your nails (Unless you want to be a Wolverine.) Use a mild cologne or deodorant after a bath. If you have nice full beard carve it properly, and it’s better to clean shave if you have that patchy beard. You can rock a goatee if you have sufficient hairs on chin (P.S. You will not look like Robert Downey Jr. instantly.)

3. Improve your body language

Maintaining a good posture will complement your confidence. Having a good posture makes you look youthful and healthy as well as it keeps your body aligned. Maintain your posture while walking, sitting and also talking with people. Your gestures and body language showcases your personality and confidence. Don’t let your body language make your personality dull.

4. Get a Haircut

Visit a hairdresser often. Do experiment with hairstyles but make sure the hairstyle complements your looks and should be done according to your face shape. Don’t keep changing your hairstylist because maintaining the same hairstylist will help him to give you better services as he will be familiar with your hair type and your interests.

5. Choose Some Decent Clothes

If you are not that guy who will straight away jump try some funky new trend then go slow. Start with some decent clothes, learn about basic patterns, fabrics, color combinations etc. Check out our Style Basics 101 Guide.

If you are in shape then have a slim fit, not skin fit clothes. Always take a friend with you, who is a bit good at clothing. Choose those clothes in which you fit well not a tall, masculine model shown in advertisements. Go for funky printed t-shirts (crew neck and V-necks), Nautical T-shirts, Henleys with a nice denim.

6. Use accessories

Accessories like watches, lockets and bracelets will add a layer to your look. You can rock a nice sports watch with a nice leather wristband with wooden beads. A nice leather string locket looks dapper with plain colored V-necks.

7. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important things when it comes to defining a guy because your shoes tell your story. So be cautious about on what you wear on your feet. A nice pair of sneakers goes well with a tapered jeans and T-shirt. If you are wearing formals then go for lace-up oxfords or brogues. A pair of good loafers will give you that casual look you want.  To know more check “Style Basic 101”

college shoes

8. Smile

Last but not the least. Smile. It doesn’t cost anything.


We will be creating detailed articles cum guides for almost all the points discussed here. We will put links here. Make sure you check them out later.

By that time, let us know in comments what you think about these tips.

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