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10 Lines on My Family in English for Class 1 to 5 Student’s Essay, Speech

10 Lines on, Sentences About My Family in Hindi मेरा परिवार

Family plays a very important part in our lives, especially in India family structure still holding up. So to make kids realize the importance of family, schools give them homework on topics like 10 Lines on My Family, 15-20 Lines short Essay or Speech.

Here in this first section of the article, we are giving you a simple 5 and 10 plus a few more lines on my family Topic. These are intended for school kids of class lkg, ukg,1,2,3, etc. In the second part, we have given 15 to 20 lines of a short essay on my family which is suitable for school students of class 4,5,6, etc. If you find these points or essay difficult you can replace them with easier words or sentence structure. One can also use these sentences for speech preparation.

5 Sentences About My Family in English for KG, UKG Kids

  1. I love my family.
  2. We are a family of four.
  3. I and my sister live with our parents.
  4. My grandparent lives at our native place.
  5. Our relatives are kind and funny.
  6. I love them all.

10 Lines On My Family in English for class 1,2,3 Students

  1. There are 7 people in my family.
  2. I have my mother, father, 1 sister, 2 brothers, and a grandmother.
  3. We all live together.
  4. Some of our relatives live in the same city.
  5. My uncle has a big home in our native place.
  6. I have 6 cousins.
  7. We all meet at birthday parties and poojas.
  8. We all go to our native village in summer vacation.
  9. We, children, have a lot of fun together.
  10. My family doesn’t fight.
  11. They all like each other.
  12. I love my family.

15 to 20 Lines Short Essay on My Family for Class 4,5 Students

We are a big family of seven people. I have a mother, a father, two sisters, a brother and a loving granny. A lot of our relatives stay in the same city and my paternal uncle lives in our native place. We have a big Konkani house in the village. I have 2 paternal uncles and 3 maternal aunties.

We all go to the village for the summer vacation. We children play in fields and swim in the river. We all like to travel, each year we all family members go to a different part of India. This winter vacation we will go to south India.

I like my family, they rarely fight. They can’t stay away from each other for long. We all gather for birthday parties and poojas. Everyone helps each other in functions. We celebrate holi, diwali together. Most of our family members are educated. My grandfather was a graduate in agriculture technologies and granny was a college professor. I love every one of them, they are special.

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