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10 Lines on Save Water in English for Class 1 to 5 Student’s Essay, Speech

Save Water, Importance of Water -10 Lines Essay in English, Hindi पानी बचाओ, पानी का महत्व

Water is the source of life, without it, any living organism will not survive. Water possesses such great importance in human and in any living form of life. To remind such importance of water school asks students for 5 to 10 lines essay on Save Water or 15 to 20 sentences speech on the importance of water etc.

So, here in the first section of the article, we are giving 5 plus a few more points on save water topic in English. These simple lines can help you to assist your lkg, ukg kids with homework. Next is 10 lines section, it is good for school students of class 1,2,3, etc. In the second session, we have given 15 to 20 sentences speech/essay on the Importance of water in English which is good for kids of class 6,7, etc. We hope you like it.

5 Sentences About Save Water in English for KG, UKG Kids

  1. Water is very important.
  2. Everyone needs water to survive.
  3. We cannot live without water.
  4. Still, we waste a lot of water.
  5. We must save water.

10 Lines On Save Water in English for class 1,2,3 Students

1. Water is the source of life.
2. Without water, we cannot survive.
3. Still, we waste a lot of water.
4. We can save water by turning off the tap while we brush teeth.
5. We can save water by not using washing machines to clean clothes.
6. We can save water by avoiding bathroom showers.
7. Instead, we can use a bucket and mug.
8. We should fix all water leakages.
9. The government can save water with leak-proof pipelines.
10. Public and government need to work together to save water.
11. We need to use rainwater harvesting and Paanlot methods.
12. We should not pollute the rivers and lakes.
13. Water is a scarce resource, we need to save it for tomorrow.

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15 to 20 Lines Short Essay on Save Water for Class 4,5 Students

Human life is not possible without water. Water is the source of life, but we humans fail to recognize its importance. Earth is covered by 71% water and 29% land, but only 2.5% is fresh water. Most of which is trapped in glaciers and snowfields, only 0.007% of water is drinkable out of all water available of the earth.

Drinkable water is a scarce resource but still, we waste it. We can save water with simple solutions at our level. We should fix water leakage at our home, school, hotels, etc. We can save a lot of precious water by doing this. The same way we can save water by taking a bath with the help of bucket and mug instead of a shower. We should not keep the tap running while brushing teeth or rinsing utensils.

We should adapt to the use of water-efficient toilet flush, garden watering techniques. Farmers need to monitor water usage for crops. Most of India receives rain in monsoon, we need to conserve this valuable water. At rural places, we can use the Paanlot technique. At urban places, we should use rainwater harvesting to save water.

The government should use good pipelines which will not break or leak. We should have water meters fixed to pipelines so that we use water intelligently. We should not pollute the rivers and lakes. Industries should not drain its poisonous waste in rivers. Public and government need to work together to save the water and to save the country. Save Water, Save Planet!!

Note: This short essay on the Importance of water is little more than 10 to 15 lines. You can choose the lines as per your requirement of essay length. You might also like to read – Swachh Jal Swachh Bharat, it will give you more content.

If this article helped you then give us a good rating and let us know your thoughts on conversing water in the comments. Tell us how you are planning to save water.

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